Useful Content Writing Tips To Boost Your SEO


Are you an SEO consultant Sydney? There are different ways you can improve your content writing skills. It is no secret that content and SEO go hand in hand. Without SEO, your content may be lost on the 50th page of search results. We know that traffic on these pages will not do much for your business. However, it is important to note that content on the first-page ranking can only help if your content is optimised for conversion. Here are some content writing tips to boost your SEO.

Write for your audience

A lot of companies in Australia make content for the wrong reasons. When writing content, you should ensure you write content that appeals to the interests of your target audience. Your content should also answer the questions of your target audience. Not all posts should be about your service or product, but they should be industry related. You need to assert yourself and your company as a professional and expert in your industry by writing content that is informative and interesting. You should strive to do it better than your competition.

Keep the content under the same roof

You need to get the traffic and credit your website deserves by keeping your content under your domain name. This means that if you have a blog then you should opt-out of hosting with Blogger or WordPress and host the blog in a subfolder on your domain. Any time you have the chance to showcase other forms of content like infographics, videos or whitepapers then it is important to ensure you embed them onto your site as well as share from there.

Ensure your headlines pack a punch

If you offer SEO services in Australia, you should ensure you make awesome headlines. You have a short amount of text to make a big impression. Do not underestimate the power of effective headlines. You should write headlines that are interesting, clear and ensure you use rich keywords in your headline. In addition to awesome headlines, you should also ensure your meta descriptions are very interesting and elaborate on your article’s topic. You should keep in mind that your meta description and title are what show up in the search results. You should therefore make them count.

Make use of keyword-rich phrases

You should use keyword-rich phrases that are relevant in your headlines and throughout the rest of the content to let both search engines and readers know what your blog post is all about. You should beware that excess keyword will turn off your readers and can also result in search engines penalties as they will be detected as stuffed keywords. You should use keywords in your posts thoughtfully and sparingly. You need to stick to a natural feel.

Structure your posts

If you want to stand out as an SEO consultant Sydney, you should remember that the contents of your posts may be great but can get lost in an unorganised format. You should break up your content into smaller paragraphs and include headlines.

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