Use of CNC Machining and Laser Cutting in Architectural Model Making

CNC Machine and laser cutting in the architectural model making is the recent advancement. Earlier these techniques were used in three-dimensional images. The major use for architecture students in detailing the buildings with full-scale architectural buildings and 3D modeling software such as Google S ketchup. Programs such as V-Ray renders powerful virtual model into realistic images. This architectural designing requires a physical model that shows the prospective client’s process. The different software used is Auto desk and Auto CAD. These visualize the model at any scale level.

These models are very powerful and instruct-able in architectural designing. This designing is done in a traditional manner of drawing media in early stages followed by Auto-CAD which is realized by 3D S Ketchup.

Following the design completion V—Ray, a S Ketchup plugin are used to give realistic pictures. At many times requirement the physical model. The process of making the model is rapid using laser cutter as it cuts at any scale and shape into any number of pieces.

The materials used in making the always advantageous laser technology model are as follows

  • Textiles,
  • Synthetic materials,
  • Wood,
  • Veneer,
  • Mdf,
  • Pmma,
  • Cardboard,
  • Paper,
  • Foam,
  • Polystyrene,
  • Foils and films,
  • Acrylic,
  • Plastics.

The model for the metro station, houses, etc are drawn using CAD program cutting maximum precision through laser along with clean and clear detailing with no subsequent processing requirement. The laser cutting in London productivity is 80% saving and rapid when compared to manual productions.

The multiple advantages are easily usable, application and material usage are flexible, excellent precision and freedom in designing for a competitive model with high quality detailing. Using a single tool for geometries irrespective of the material strength or material used with maximum quality. The result is perfect with an edge to edge cutting reducing all other refining works and polishing is the final step. Productivity increases in a short time with no limitation to ideas and application implementation on a model for trials.

The cost of production is reduced to a great extent. Beautiful designs are created when combined with digital power, enhancing home based business filigree and other architectural intricate designs are created at ease. Geometrical structures are designed in an excellent manner. The post-processing technology such as fiasco can be avoided easily with impeccable cutting and designing. Thus laser cutting is very useful when combined with Cad processing and designing.

Generally, many new companies that have erupted in recent times have started using these advancements in technology giving a comfortable and profitable outcome for the production and management units. Every other field in today’s world is dependable on lasers and Cad software. Though the manpower is reduced, the positive aspects of the computerized designs are not to be compared. The most advanced and wanting developments in the production firms are this technology.

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