Understanding Some Of The Most Popular Water Filtration Media

media filtration systems

If you are planning to invest in media filtration systems then it is important to know which system to buy. Filtration media is a powdery substance that comes in different thicknesses and it is a very important component of a water filtration system. A lot of people are more likely to know about water filtration systems than they are to know about the filtration media used in these systems. That is a huge mistake. Anyone who wants to get the most out of their filter should understand the type of media used. Not only is it important to know how the filtration systems work, but it is also important to find the right filter that will remove the toxins in your water.

Water can be treated but not filtered

It is important to understand that water utilities use either chlorine or chloramines to disinfect your water. Maintaining residual chloramines or chlorine in the water after it has left the treatment plant is a requirement meant to ensure the water is free from pathogens as it travels your home. Large utilities use chloramines as it doesn’t dissipate as fast and it will produce fewer byproducts. Here are some of the most popular filtration media used in water filtration systems.

Activated carbon

This is the most popular media used in filtration systems. It is created when organic materials with high carbon content such as coal, wood or coconut shells are heated in a way that it doesn’t burn to create char. The char is treated to create porous materials that bind to impurities and toxins thus pulling them from the water flowing through the best media filtration systems. It is important to note that not all activated carbon is made from the same base material.

Catalytic carbon

This is a form of activated carbon but it is enhanced to improve its catalytic capability. It is mainly used to get rid of chloramine from water. Chloramine is a chemical that is used to disinfect water and it has grown very popular because it doesn’t fall prey to bacteria. This is the reason why it is hard to remove chloramine from the water once it gets to the tap. Catalytic carbon removes most of the chloramine from water.

Mixed media

Mixed media can be a mix of different mediums to remove toxins and impurities from water. these media include gravel, resin and catalytic carbon. Each component removes certain impurities from the water.

Reverse osmosis membrane

This is an effective filtration system that removes most water impurities, including dangerous impurities such as asbestos. It works by pushing dirty water through a semi-permeable membrane. Only water molecules are allowed to pass but toxins are trapped.

Ultraviolet light

UV media filtration systems are getting very popular. With these systems, water is pumped into a chamber that houses a UV bulb. The rays produced by the bulb are then fine-tuned to a frequency that attacks microbes. The rays pierce the cell walls hence damaging the contaminants.

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