Tops Tips To Engage Your Audience During A Classical Concert

When you see performers do their thing in classical music concerts Los Angles, you may think it is a very easy thing to do. When you see them engaging their audience and having fun, you may think that it is something you can easily do. However, it is more complicated than you think. It needs practise to know how to engage your audience. Once you practice and get the technique, everything will be easy. Here are a few ways to engage your audience during a classical concert.

Know your audience

It is important to know the kind of audience you are dealing with. You won’t engage teenagers the same way you would engage older people. you should therefore take your time to know who you are performing for. Once you know your audience, you will come up with the best ways to engage them.

Own the show

Before you go into any performance, it is important to know what you are doing. You should plan ahead to know exactly what to do during the show. You need to let the audience know that you are the one in control. This way, it will be easier to engage them.

Scan the audience

It is important to look the audience members in the eye and walk back and forth across the stage. If you are performing with a choir then you have two tasks. You have to maintain eye contact with both the choir members and the audience. But scanning through the audience during choir concerts will help you read the mood and know the best way to engage the audience.

Get the audience members involved

Do not just perform as if you are performing to people who do not have feelings. The audience members get excited when you involve them. You should find ways to get them involved. You could ask them questions, allow them to complete for you a piece of song or even compliment them. Getting the audience members involved will also help you build your confidence.

Make them laugh

You are not just there to sing and go home. The main purpose you are performing at a concert is to entertain the audience. Humor is the greatest ice breaker. We all like to laugh. If you are a performer, you should try and add humor to the performance. Your audience members will love it and they will be more receptive to everything you do.

Speak to their interests

Now that you know your audience, you also know their interests. You should therefore develop some authentic stories around something that your audience members are interested in.

Change up the mood

You have given the audience serious music, humor and allowed them to sing along. Now you need to change their mood. Look for ways to mix things up to break the monotony.

Have fun

People attend classical music concerts Los Angeles to have fun. You are also there to entertain them, have fun and get paid. You have to enjoy what you are doing if you want the audience members to enjoy it.

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