Top Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Home


Before you start marketing your home, you will need to hire a property stylist Sydney. There are many property stylists and interior decorators you can choose from but they are all unique. Choosing the right stylist for your property is crucial because the best stylist will help you to make the most out of your property in the least amount of time. You will also manage to decrease your stress levels trying to sell your home.

A property stylist’s Facebook page and website are a fantastic starting point. Most stylists will give you detailed information on the services they offer. They will give you their current statistics on sales time, the images of their recent work and the profit of their recent work.

It is even better to go out and attend some of the open homes to see how the stylists work. This will give you the opportunity to see the whole package. Sometimes seeing the best work from a stylist can be deceptive and won’t help you that much. When hiring a stylist, you will need to check the following things.

The relevance of the styling

Sometimes the best home staging company in your area may not deliver what your target audience wants. Before you embark on property staging, you must ensure that the stylist is relevant to your market. Keep in mind the era and the style of the house, the price bracket and the suburb. You need an aspirational styling but achievable for the buyer for you to create a good impression for the particular market.

Give out notes

While the home stager is the expert, it is important to know that most home stagers are out there to make money. Don’t just give them the work and leave them to finish it on their own. They might end up hiring poor quality furniture and using your money in the wrong way. Even if you have no idea about staging, it is important to do research and know the category in which your house falls in. this will be the basis of your research and will give you a clue about the best types of furniture to put in your house. Make sure you give your stager a few notes on what you expect from them.

 Pay attention to the details

Another thing you should consider is if the home stylist has paid attention to the details such as ironing the bed linen, planning the furniture accordingly and creating clear traffic zones. You will need to inspect and see if the home stylist has attended the seating layouts and maximized on the views. You need to ensure that the entertainment unit fits into the styling.

Your property stylist Sydney should understand that everyone has a TV nowadays and they should give the buyer an idea of how to place their television. You need to style the house for the number of people that are likely to buy the house. The aim of staging is to give the property a WOW factor.

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