Top Reasons Why Your Instagram Hashtags Are Not Working


Top Instagram hashtags are one of the biggest trends online right now. They are very useful and allow people to collate related data and cut through some of the noise generated by Instagram’s immense popularity. For example, if you have a photo of your dog in sunglasses, you may want to link the photo with people who have posted similar photos. The best way to do this is to use a hashtag. You can also create more engagement for your posts using hashtags. However, sometimes hashtags may fail to work and here is why.

Using banned hashtags

Instagram may ban some hashtags due to specific reasons. For example, they may ban a hashtag that people misuse or a hashtag that causes tension among users. Make sure you check Instagram’s list of banned hashtags and avoid using them.

Using too many hashtags

Some users search for trending Instagram hashtags and stuff them in their posts. While Instagram may not restrict the number of hashtags you use, when you use too many hashtags, your posts may not display properly. We recommend that you use not more than thirty hashtags at absolute most – sometimes quality is better than quantity – make sure each hashtag you use is highly relevant to your post and your business.

System issues

Instagram is not foolproof and it has been reported to be down from time to time. Sometimes Instagram may not clarify what is going on with their system despite user frustrations. Your photos may not display properly even when you use the correct hashtags. Your photos may be showing to followers but not non-followers. If this is only happening to your account, you may have to report the issue to Instagram.

How to deal with issues

Your top Instagram hashtags should not comprise of banned hashtags. You should avoid using irrelevant hashtags because you can end up being detected as spam. If an image is not getting enough engagement after some time, you should try deleting it and reposting it.

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