Top Reasons to visit Western Ghats

Top Reasons to visit Western Ghats

Everything in the world is unique and beautiful in its own way but is it really so? I guess no. we have decided some parameters of beauty but they are not applied on all. Someone who is out of the box may like something different. That’s why we expect ourselves to visit the world. When we visit a new place, we get the chance to look up the world with a different view. Multiple places may feel beautiful without any comparison among themselves. It’s not just beauty that attracts us to a location but also the culture it has and the people and the diversity of it. Nature is the one absolute beauty that keeps the charm within us alive.

For a magnificent number of people of the world, the favorite or the most beautiful place they visited comes us to be India. It has a number of factors that attracts the visitors. There is nothing specific about it, not one reason but every factors plays a significant role to make the country more beautiful. The culture, the nature, the people. All of them together.

When you plan to visit a country as large as India, you need to plan where to go. Even if you are an Indian, it is still a difficult task to choose the same. When you do the planning, you must have heard the name ‘Western Ghats’. This is one of the most beauty place to visit. It is a range of ghats and mountains in the states of Goa, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka. It is covering an area of 140000km2. Not just that, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here we will give you the top reasons to visit Western Ghats. These are the reason which will make you plan the trip to the Ghats. Let’s begin the game then.

Forests: – a very large area of the Western Ghats are cover with forests. The forests are always beautiful but these also plays a key role in the medical field as well. They have a wide variety of species of plants or seeds that helps in treatment of so many diseases. The Western Ghats are one of the favorite place of the researchers to get a new medicine. The calm forest also attracts sages for their meditation. Don’t feel shocked if you find some in the mid of the forest during your trip and be safe.

Waterfalls: – Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful creation of nature and the Western Ghats are full of it. Joy Falls is one of my favorite in the Western Ghats and some other beautiful Falls are Vajrai Waterfall, Shivanasamundra falls and the counting goes on. The falls are available for visits and sports. Apart from the falls, the lakes in the Western Ghats are also a center of beauty. You will surely fall in love with the beauty and the calmness of it. When you go these Ghats, do visit the falls and the lakes.

Mountains and peaks: – Mountains are the major attraction of the place. Specially for the those who love to trek. It is considered to be one of the finest place on India to go for trekking. Ooty, Malbalashwer, Munnar which are one of the most famous hill station of India also lies in the same region. Famous hills of Western Ghats are Sahyandhris, Nilgiris and Cardamom Hills. Every trekking lover will surely love the place and will find no replacement of it. The hills are also very large and some are the largest one in India.

Wildlife Century: – The Western Ghats has not one or two but about 38 wildlife centuries and biospheres. All these are having a wide variety of flora and fauna. Even the Western Ghats is also considered as one of the eight hottest biological diversity hotspot. You will surely get to see some animal species, which you can find nowhere else in the world.Kas Plateau in Maharashtra is a place where you can find numerous species of flowers. This is the reason it is also known as the “the valley of flowers” of Western Ghats. Sholas of the Nilgiris is also one such place in the Ghats.Moreover if you are looking for Syndicate Bank recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

The things you will get to see in the Western Ghats does not end here there is so much more to look at but these are the major attractions and other things are the by things you will get to watch. If you are a true lover of the natural beauties, Western Ghats is the place you must pack for

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