Top Mistakes To Avoid When Using Hashtags On Twitter


Twitter trending hashtags on the worldwide web provide a great way to expand your twitter reach and make it easier for your target audience to find your posts and join the conversation. However, using hashtags on twitter is not foolproof. Here are some mistakes to avoid when using hashtags on twitter.


Spamming your tweets with hashtags

It is better to use fewer hashtags in your tweets than using more. Twitter recommends using only one or two hashtags in your tweets. Twitter only allows you to post 140 characters in your tweets so you shouldn’t waste that limited space with a lot of hashtags. No one wants to look at hashtags that mean nothing to them.

Making them too long

It isn’t attractive to use overly long hashtags. It takes too much effort and it is boring. A lot of people will get annoyed as they try to read a long hashtag. Some will just skip over it. The best way of using top twitter trending hashtags is to keep them short and meaningful.

Jumping on the bandwagon

So you have seen a hashtag getting a lot of attention and you think that if you use it you will draw more attention to your tweets. The hashtag may give you the attention you need but if you use irrelevant hashtags in your tweets to get attention, you will be spamming. You will annoy the people who read your tweets and even lose some of your followers in the process. This is not worth it.

Using hashtags that are hard to understand

People will be less responsive and less interested in hashtags that they don’t understand. If you do your research, you will find out that twitter trending hashtags are normally easy to understand. The hashtags should also be kept relevant to your target audience.

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