Top Benefits of Cloud Based Digital Signage Solutions

When companies decide to expand, they have to decide on what kind of software platform to use- cloud-based or on-premise. For some companies, maintaining their own servers and software is mandatory. On the other hand, other companies think cloud-based digital signage networks are a better fit. If you are wondering how these digital signage solutions can benefit you, here are the big reasons.

Scalability- The reliable cloud service providers can handle auto-scaling and load balancing of bandwidth to enable clients add more screens and content. This would prevent them experience crashes or data bottlenecks.  With on-premise model, you may face a lot of back-end work to support scaling, hence adding to the costs. On the other hand, cloud-based signage are cost-effective than on-premises solutions.


Cost-efficiency– If you plan to host your own digital signage network, you would need to purchase your own server system along with the necessary heating and cooling equipment to keep it running. You may also need to hire additional resources to run and maintain the servers. But with the help of cloud based digital signage solutions, you can use the provider’s servers and have them stream content to players.

Easy implementation- Cloud-based digital signage solutions are easy to implement. This will free employees time to focus on a company’s core competencies rather than struggling with a system.

Security- Many people have a misconception that cloud based systems are not reliale as your data is in the hands of a third party and can leave it vulnerable to attacks. Cloud based digital signage solutions offer high levels of security than a company’s network.

Those were some of the major benefits of cloud based digital signage. If you are looking for digital signage to give your business a competitive edge, visit- You can create here high impact in-store multimedia TV signage to promote your products and services.

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