Top 5 Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning

When choosing the best carpet cleaning methods for your carpets, you must be careful. There are several cleaning methods, each having specific suitability for specific carpet types. Knowing the most suitable method for your carpets will save you from reduced durability and a number of other dangers associated with using the wrong method.

Here is a list of the most used cleaning methods in the cleaning industry today;

Hot water extraction method:

This is also known as a steam cleaning method, and it is very effective. It involves the use of hot water with the application of pressure to dissolve and eliminate stubborn dirt in the fibre of the carpet.

In this method, the cleaning agent is first applied on the surface, allowed to set, and then a thorough brushing is done, followed by an energetic rinsing process. After the rinsing is completed, it is assumed that all traces of the cleaning agent should have been eliminated. The carpet is then left to dry. The drying time depends on the size of the carpet, but it is anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours. For an average-sized room of about 3000 ft, the entire cleaning process should take about 2 hours, while another 4 hours is allocated to drying.

Usually, a good carpet cleaning company in London will give recommendations for the best time to clean the room, which is usually late afternoon, so the entire process can be done and left to dry overnight.

Carpet Shampooing:

Before the introduction of encapsulation in the 1970s, carpet shampooing was a trend. Although this method was very effective in removing thick stains, it had a major drawback which made it less popular once an alternate method was found. This method left behind thick clumps of foam in the carpet, making drying a very difficult and long process. Eventually, when completely dried, it becomes sticky, making re-staining very easy. In no time, your heavily stained carpets which took a long time to dry are heavily stained again.


This method was a major elimination factor for the former. It involves the application of synthetic detergents on stained carpets. These detergents will crystallise after a while, forming powdered substances, and taking the loosened dirt in the carpet with them. After the wet foam is dried, the crystallised, powdered substances are vacuumed or brushed away.

This method effortlessly replaced the carpet shampooing method since it used the lesser time to dry. Also, this method is more environmentally friendly since it leaves behind less chemical residue. If you are looking out for an allergen-free method, with less chemical compositions, then this method can be used. However, it also has its drawback, which is its inability to clean off heavy stains thoroughly. If you have a very stubborn stain that you need to be eliminated, then this would probably not be the right method for you.

Bonnet Cleaning:

This is a very effective cleaning method, as it provides thorough cleaning with less moisture, and can be easily dried out. It is used in public places like hotels and restaurants where there are a good number of people present, but yet immediate cleaning is required.

It is mainly a surface cleaning process since the machine in use is designed for surface cleaning. This machine has a spinning pad immersed with a cleaning agent, enabling the cleaning process by moving the motorised machine over the stained surface.

The result of the bonnet cleaning is usually an impressive glow on the surface of the carpet. However, this is usually short-lived as the dirt from the base of the carpet soon resurface. Also, this method leaves behind chemical residues in the carpet due to pressure from the machine on the spinning pad. If you need an effective constant cleaning solution, in a place likely to get dirty easily, then you can consider this method.

Dry Carpet Cleaning:

This method is gaining fast popularity in the cleaning industry, which is no wonder since it is super effective, convenient and requires no drying time.

It works by applying a cleaning compound on the base of a carpet, using a motorised, counter-rotating brush to expose the carpet fibre and allow deep entry of the compound. Since the powdered cleaning agents used are made from biodegradable materials, they are very effective in the removal of dirt. This further enhances the effectiveness of this method. The method is safe, convenient for both busy and quiet areas, and very effective.

The technology which came into play in the 1980s birthed the production of several cleaning powders.  Different companies try to stay outstanding by producing their own cleaning agents, each with a different formula. The effectiveness of this method is still in doubt by some since it is still seen as recent in the cleaning world.

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