Tips to Prevent Dry Rot in the Car Tires

Dry rot occurs when the rubber compound in your car tires start to decay. So how do you tackle this problem? Here’re a few useful tips for that.

It’s been quite a few years ever since you replace the car tire. Till that time, your tires have allowed you to driver thousands of miles on a daily commute. Because of enough tread depth on the car tire, you might think that tires will last you a few more years. But even with enough tread depth if the tires start developing the dry rot, they’ll become unsafe to use. Before delving into the causes and prevention of tire’s dry rot, let’s first understand what dry rot actually is?

What Is Dry Rot?

Quite Self-explanatory! The dry rot occurs when the rubber compound in the car tire gets dry. Since the car tires are designed to expand, flex, and contract while in-use, they must remain flexible. But when the tires start losing the moisture, the rubber compounds begin to weaken & crack whenever they flex. Mostly, dry rot shows up on the outer sidewall. In case you see many small cracks on the sidewall, it’s high time you must consider the car tire replacement.

Although the rotted area won’t have a considerable impact on the integrity of tires, the cracks will spread throughout the rest of your tire. If you keep driving on the rotted tires, you’re quite likely to experience a tire failure. Keep in mind! The Dry Rot can’t be replaced, but the mild cases can be treated to some extent.

In order to prevent the car tires from developing the dry rot, you must get along with these useful tips. So let’s dive in;

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

You often use tire dressing to improve is appearance. Do you know it contains chemicals that eradicates moisture from the tires? Using it occasionally won’t do much harm, but applying it regularly will quickly dry your tire thereby causing dry rot. So instead of applying such harsh chemicals, you can use a mild mixture of warm water and detergent. It’ll help break down dirt & mud alongside washing away oil & grease.

Don’t Allow Your Car Sit for Longer

When the tires flex – as you drive, the moisturizing compounds work their way to the sidewall keeping the exterior of the tire moist & flexible enough to withstand atmospheric exposure. But if your car remains parked for several months, the moisture will wear away from exposure to UV rays & ozone. Therefore, the dried-areas of your car tire become susceptible to dry rot. So make sure you drive the car at least once in a couple of weeks as it allows the outer surfaces to remain moisturized as well as protected from dry rot.

Keep Your Tires Inflated To the Proper PSI

Under-inflated tires flex more while in use or parked. Consequently, the moisturizing compounds wear away faster than normal. Eventually, the rubber weakens and develops cracks. So make sure to regularly test the PSI levels while inflating tires as it’ll keep the tires from developing such problems. Also, get the tires inspected for the signs of dry rot and replace when necessary. For replacement, you can check out some amazing Falken car tyre deals online.


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