The most amasing and best ideas for Letterland book week costumes

If your kid is familiar with his Letterland resource, is utilising it in school, or has been asked by his teacher to wear a book week costume that represents something from it, you can just utilise the search bar on most costume websites to search for related costumes. If you happen to be stuck for options, this article offers the topmost Letterland costumes ideas for children during the book week.

book week costume
book week costume
  • Annie apple – Apples are healthy and fun, so why don’t you dress as this favourite fruit?

  • Clever cat – Your kid could wear a complete cat costume, or if he desires something that is simpler, you could go with only cat ears together with a tail.

  • Dippy duck – Ducks can be so cute. You kid will certainly love to be dressed as one that’s bright yellow in colour.

  • Firefighter Fred – Every kid certainly dreams of becoming a firefighter at one point of his life or the other. Get the complete firefighter uniform attire, or only a fun hat together with other accessories.

  • Impy ink – Whoever even thought that your kid might be dressing up like a tiny ink bottle? You could use a beret hat that’s black in colour to appear like the top of the bottle.

  • Kicking king – People do not know many kings that love kicking, but if your kid does, get him a kingly cape and crown. You can also top of this costume, which is certainly among the foremost book week costumes in Australia, with an amazing sceptre.

  • Noisy Nick – Construction costumes are quite famous. Do not forget to also get some tools that might come in handy.

  • Mr. O – Mr. O features a fluffy white beard, which could certainly be emulated with any of the varying white beard costume accessories that can be found online. You kid will certainly appear as if he is turning into Santa.

  • Quarrelsome Queen – Several queens can surely be truly quarrelsome. Dress your female kid as a generic queen or one that’s quite known like the Queen of the Nile, or even the Queen of the Hearts.

  • Vicky violet – Vicky violet is certainly a truly beautiful flower. Your kid can dress up as a real flower, or perhaps a beautiful flowery gnome.

  • Fix-it Max – Get an amazing construction costume and a few fun toy tools to help your kid to fix things up just like Fit-it Max does.

  • Zigzag Zebra – Go for a fun Zebra costume together with a matching mask to effectively dress your kid as his favourite animal.

  • Eddy elephant – Elephants are truly large creatures but are quite gentle. You can put your kid into a complete elephant costume, or he might prefer to wear just a tail, the large ears, together with a nose.

You can choose any Letterland book week costume from those that have been listed here and your kid will certainly have a blast during the next celebrations. Kids certainly love dressing up as characters from their most famous school resources. It makes them more intelligent, brilliant, active, and sharper. So, why not acquire all these qualities for your kid too?

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So, you have bought your favourite top gun costume that you would like to wear again in Australia. The best way to ensure that your costume stands the test of time is to maintain it and know the best ways to wash it. Costumes should be washed differently depending on the type of material they are made of.

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