THE Metallurgical Mining Area, The Hope of the Sector

We must take into account the large amount of mineral raw materials that made it possible for humanity to reach where we are today. The steel industry, copper (Cu), aluminum (Al), glass, lime, cement and ceramics were and are part of this process. Thus, we can affirm, without a doubt, that humanity needs minerals to continue developing. That is, it is a society that depends immensely on minerals, for this reason it is good to know them, protect them, respect them, and be aware of their potential and what our life would be like without them and above all without mining.

So, we must not forget that mining is the activity that provides society with the minerals it needs. The world as we know it today needs the minerals to be able to exist as it is and as it is. But in the same way so that it continues to be a world for us, it is very important that the mining of today is sustainable, this means that it is a mining that takes care of the environment, and that actually it is today. Richard Warke is one of well known name in mining industries. Richard Warke Augusta is a Vancouver-based Canadian business executive with more than 25 years of experience in the international resource sector.

Mining exploitation and its impact on Human Development:

  • Mining exploitation is already mentioned in the system known as the three age system, , where a clear notion is given about the importance that mining has been having in the history of humanity, being the clearest indicator of the evolution that the human being has experienced since his first steps are known. This author talks about three ages, which in order of age are, Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Curiously, it is already under this nomenclature perfectly reflected the enormous importance that mining has had in our evolution, speaking of three mining resources that are still widely used today. Without mining and the evolution that this entails, human development towards the well-known “Welfare State” would be very different from what we currently know.
  • The mining and energy sector are of paramount importance for the country. Therefore, we have created this category to discuss ways to make the most of the water resource, as well as commenting on the importance of this resource in mining and energy projects.
  • At the same time, water management also requires a vision of care for the environment and social responsibility, which are concepts that the new mining must take into account. We will address these ideas in various articles to help improve the relationship with the community.
  • Guarantee access to raw materials from international markets under the same conditions as other industrial competitors.
  • Establish the right framework conditions in the EU to enhance a sustainable supply of raw materials from European sources.
  • Promote resource efficiency. Promote recycling to reduce EU consumption of raw materials. Decrease their relative dependence on imports.
  • Determination of the fundamental raw materials.
  • Promotion of sustainable access to raw materials in the field of development policy, through the use of budget support, cooperation strategies and other instruments.

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