The impact of the industrial revolution in education

The rise of technology can be sometimes scary, especially when we talk about the invasion of the AI and self-learning machines. This is the main reason why we have to ask what the future of education is comparing to the advanced development resulted from the industrial revolution!

Do we really need a new era of education concepts? The problem occurs when we talk about the automation of many jobs around us. In fact, what we need is a new generation of education programs where data analysis and future prediction is all about it. No one can deny that the current system will lead us to nowhere.

Only few countries around the globe that started addressing the dangerous impact of the automation in their societies. The economy can easily influenced if they are targeting their future of education toward the new standards. Digital, biological and physical disciplines are all contributed to perform new systems to compete with new demand in the current market. The fast pace where we are living cannot wait for each country to update its standard with what the society needs.

The Current Challenges in nowadays most Advanced Technologies:

AI, VR and AR are for instance among the top industries that are going to control our sooner future without any doubt. The education system are not that developed to catch the fast revolution in such sophisticated fields. The challenge of the colleges and schools nowadays is how they can prepare the students for the new market of labors facing such advanced challenges. Especially when we talk about the automation of tasks that can be done using a robot instead of the human resources.

Many experts in the field of education confirms that education program need to rely on the concept of globalization. For example, history need to be taught as a global concept not a local one. Student need to learn about the progress-altered from the history and how the globalization and technology altered such industrial revolution. Question is like what people need to do in order to speed their progress and develop their skills to fit with the fast technology revolution are primordial in our age.

What do we need to lean in the most adequate education system?

The guru of education area confirms that the central learning system need to rely on the next pillars science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Since they are the basics behind any advanced technology of nowadays. However, they need to be combined with the new methods of learning. No more traditional manners of learning. Otherwise, we will be far away from any advanced progress in the industrial revolution.

In addition to that the student and youth need to acquire a strong global mindset. This fact can be achieved by learning transversal cultural acknowledge. Accordingly, Creativity and critical thinking are also the results of the real spirit of analysis and conception.

Actually, the education system need to go side by side with the new industrial revolution impacts. Like that, we can easily seek the best future for our future human resources. Russell Hazard is passionate about contributing to improvements in education both at the grassroots school level and at the level of international policy. Russ Hazard also works to build international partnerships across sectors such as public/private education, NGOs, and international educational organizations to enhance discourse in ESD and GCED and improve impact on the ground internationally.

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