Steps And Tips For Starting Your Taco Cart


Taco catering for parties is a lucrative business that can diversify your streams of revenue. Food vendors make a lot of money in busy places and during community events such as holiday celebrations and street fairs. A lot of carts sell sausages, hot dogs, and similar foods. Consumers can get tired of such types of food choices. You can feel the need for a new type of cart meal by serving tacos. You can add tasty side dishes such as fresh salads and rice to increase your appeal and get more customers for your business.

Know the requirements for starting a taco cart business

You should start by learning the requirements for starting a taco cart business in your area. Most places require vending licensing, business licensing, and the necessary food handling permits. You should contact the agency that deals with licensing in your area and your local health department for more details.

Enroll in a food handling course

You should take food handling classes to learn more about the proper ways to prepare and store food. Health departments offer such classes to people who are looking for food handling permits. The local health department in your area can refer you to such courses.

Buy a taco cart

You should choose a taco cart that meets your needs and the requirements of the local health department in your area and the licensing agency. There are strict requirements you should adhere to before starting your taco catering business. These requirements may cover things such as refrigeration, storage facilities, food preparation, appearance and cleanliness. You will have to submit to an inspection of your cart before you get approved for your food handling permit and vending license.

Choose a suitable location

You should choose a suitable location to operate your business. You should pick a location that will have a lot of hungry pedestrians. A location near hospitals, office buildings, education facilities and construction sites may have a lot of customers. You can also position your cart near public transportation.

Obtain vending and business licenses

Before you start handling food, you should have the necessary vending and business licenses. In a lot of municipalities, you need to obtain location approval as an important part of the licensing process. A health official should inspect and approve your taco cart before you can open your business.

Acquire business liability insurance

You should purchase business liability insurance for your business. This insurance pays claims in case someone gets ill because of your food.

Search for the best suppliers

You should choose vendors for your business. Buying food in bulk is a great way to make and save money. You can find food suppliers for all of your food ingredients.

Prepare a menu

Now you are ready to start offering taco catering for parties, it is important to prepare a menu and a competitive price list. Post the price list online and create paper menus to give to customers. If people like your food, the services, and the pricing, they will become loyal customers.

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