Simple Key to a Healthier Life: Yoga

The word “yoga”, which is actually a Sanskrit word, has become a part of every household around the world. The wellness centres and fitness trainers use this word repeatedly to impress on the clients that they are fully committed for health benefits of people coming to their facilities. Medical practitioners also emphasize that yoga exercises are one of the most effective exercise routines to be followed regularly by every individual. Yoga exercises can be done by people of all age groups and have both preventive as well as therapeutic attributes.

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In simple elementary terms, yoga can be conceived as scores of body postures which have to be repeated like the physical exercises done during school functions. Some of these exercises are done standing on feet or on sitting or lying down. Each of the postures has been assigned a specific name and is aimed at stimulating specific organs of the body. Interestingly, yoga exercises are not limited to achieve flexibility of body joints and muscle strength only. Some of these postures, called asana in Sanskrit, are intended to improve the functions of internal organs of the body and stimulate the hormone secretions from the internal glands which are vital for health. These claims of yoga exercises have been verified by various research studies conducted by experts. The diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems etc can be effectively prevented through certain yoga postures as the immune power of the body improves through yoga exercises.

Since there are numerous yoga postures mentioned in the classical texts, one has to select a set of 8-10 most suitable yoga postures for daily practice. The role of an expert yoga teacher is vital to advise you the selection of most appropriate yoga postures for the individual. At Queenscliff Yoga Centre, hundreds of people have benefitted from the expert advice of its experienced teachers. In Australia, yoga has been popular for decades among people here and the existence of many yoga centres even in small towns is the evidence of its rising acceptance. Queenscliff Yoga Centre has earned a reputation for its yeomen services to the community by encouraging people to adopt yoga exercises in the daily routine for long, healthy and contented life.

The teachers at Yoga Queenscliff Center are extremely helpful to all yoga aspirants. After careful assessment of the current physical condition, age, medical history etc of the individual, the teachers recommend the set of yoga postures that will be most helpful for the health goals. The teachers also demonstrate the proper technique for doing the postures and will also elaborately explain the subtle points that should be adhered to for getting the desired results. People who are already suffering from certain diseases like arthritis, backache, insomnia etc are also recommended specific yoga postures which will provide natural relief and alleviate the problem.

One just needs to spend around 30-40 minutes every day on performing the recommended yoga exercises and this will transform the fitness levels. Instead of a feeling of tiredness experienced from other physical exercises, yoga exercises help to feel more energetic and refreshed.

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