Shows to Watch before Your Euro Trip

So, you think you are ready to embark on your tour of Europe? Well, there’s so much to see and so much to experience that if you don’t plan ahead you’ll miss out on important things which is why, we recommend you explore a bit of their culture through TV shows. Europe’s history is fascinating but those unacquainted with it might feel a little left out. Not to forget, be unable to fully appreciate its beauty. With our selection of shows however, you’ll be cured of this in no time. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what TV shows you should be watching.


This racy romance shot in Scotland gives you a breath-taking view of the rural landscape in mid-18th century.
A WWII era English nurse is transported back in time where she meets the love of her life and sets up her abode. The world is very strange to her however, with a patriarchal society that considers women less than equal, the English threatening the existence of a Scottish nation and clan politics that are hard to navigate through. What follows though is a story of a lifetime with riveting performances by actors and historical accuracy that really bring the past to life.

The Crown

If you’re looking to learn about the current queen of England, this show is a good place to start. The series explores the seven decades the monarch has been on the throne covering all important world-altering events to have occurred in the time. You get to see Queen Elizabeth II meeting with important dignitaries around the world and even get a glimpse into her intimate family relations. Giving you a tour of Britain, there is no show that explores Britain like The Crown. Before you set off trekking the European continent, you’d do well to watch the series.

The Death of Yugoslavia

This one is less of a show and more a documentary. Split into five parts, it traces the events that led to Yugoslavia plunging into war in the 1990s which consequently led to the formation of independent countries. Making use of news footage and real interviews with major players in the game, this is history at its best. The series explores one of the more recent upheavals on the European soil and so for anyone planning a trip to Europe especially to Slovenia, Croatia or Bosnia-Herzegovina, it is not to miss.


Nuclear technology is a dangerous game to play that Ukraine learned the hard way. The show takes you to the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident showing you what exactly happened. Dramatized to make it engaging, it is nonetheless a well-researched series that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Rick Steeves Europe

This show is designed to get you packing your bags and booking the next flight to Europe so you might want to watch this with a critical eye. Then again, Rick’s travelogue is quite informative and committed to staying true to the European experience so you’ll find sound advice here. Giving you historical context to the sights you’ll see and filled with great visuals, it teaches travel like no other!

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

This show takes you around the globe giving you a taste of different cultures, but their Europe installments are especially ones to look out for. They take you to new places not often explored by tourists helping you find spots where you can get a more authentic feel of the country you’re traveling to. If you’re visiting London, Copenhagen,
Scotland, Spain or the Greek islands, these episodes are important preparation material you must check out.


This show is less concerned with painting landscapes sure to attract tourists and more towards solving cases. But, as you follow Sherlock on his quest to uncover the truth, you’ll be swept away with the spirit of contemporary London.

Final Words

If you watch these shows, you’ll be all caught up on the important historical events in no time. Studying history is boring but add in a little drama, romance and action learning doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? All you need is a good cable TV connection to access these hits. WOW TV schedule is designed to get you the best of best so if you’re subscribed to their plan, you’ll have no trouble at all. Just grab some popcorn and a blanket to snuggle in, and let the binge session begin. There is nothing better than exploring a bit of Europe before you explore Europe!

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