Scope of Data Science in India as Carrier Prospective

Scope of data science in India as carrier prospective

A data science is a study of the source from where the information (data) comes from, what the data indicates and how it can be converted into useful resources for the development of business and IT strategies. In data science data mining is done in large amounts of structured and unstructured data which helps the business to increase efficiencies, to recognize new market opportunities and increase the organization’s competitive advantage. Because of the digital India mission the transactions are rapidly increasing, After the implementation of GST, data traffic in increased and every transaction produces a lot of data which has to be decoded and used for business production.

The field of data science uses mathematics computer science basics and statistics and also includes machine learning, data mining and visualization techniques.

According to the recent report, the demand of data scientist is increased by around 400% over previous years. In Spite of the huge and impressive demand, India’s talent in data science is increased.

Scope of data science in India

The scope of data science includes organizations like banking, biotechnology, e-commerce, telecommunication and automotive industries. So identifying opportunities, shaping business goals and making excellent decisions are a part of data science. That is why the professionals are analyzing more data and deriving insights from the data, Its the most important thing.

From a global perspective, India is the second country after united states of America to recruit data science professionals. Instead of this In India the number of female working professionals in data science is more than in United States of America. In India Banglore is the the place where highest number of data science jobs are present about 25%  of the jobs.

A data scientist is an job role from the data analyst role. The training of both are quite similar, with the basics of science, modeling, statistics, analytics and mathematics. The data scientist is unique because of his better understanding for growing the business, coupled with the ability to communicate new findings to their company in such a way that which can impact how the company deals with business challenges depending on the findings. A perfect data scientist will always choose the correct business issues that have the highest value to the company

Pay scale of data Scientists in India

The average salary of data scientist in India is around 6 lakh per annum, However it varies with the working experience. Data scientists having experience of more than 5 years could earn upto 15 lakhs per annum. Senior data scientists with experience of more than 10 years could earn upto 20 lakhs per annum. Skills that are most required in India are machine learning, Python and statistical analysis. Data analysis, java doesn’t affect the salary very much.

How to make proper use of data science

According to the survey on data science recruitment in India, there are some useful tips that you can adopt if you want growth in your data scientist carrier.

1.Work with focus during internship:- Internship in data science is the best way to gain more knowledge and experience with the real time projects. Apart from that they provide you the platform for networking so that you can find helpful mentors and different job role in this field.

2.Command in one programming language is recommended:- If the candidate has good hands on programming languages like python and R can also give them an extra edge over other applicants during the job selection process. However you need not to worry if you have a non programmer background, because it’s not a complicated task to do anyone one can learn with some days of practical work on these languages.

3.Advance courses are good for working professionals:- The rush in the demand for data scientists has led to a continuous rise in the number of professionals and students opting for advance courses in data science. Most of the data science students and professionals in India prefers online learning courses to get a job in this field.

After reading this you are aware about the data science and the scope of data science in India, so you can enroll for various courses available online and transform your dream to become data scientist into reality.

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