How To Retain a Broken Tooth By Oral Surgery

This might surprise you that there are lots of people among us who even consider brushing and flossing the teeth as time consuming activities due to their hectic working schedule, which adversely impacts their health. On the contrary good oral health is regarded as the key to enjoy good physical health, because whatever you eat and drink finally has to be chewed and drunk by the mouth and if your mouth is tainted then obviously the bacteria will reach your body via the stomach. In short, good and hygienic oral health is necessary to enjoy good physical health.

broken tooth repair

But, what is good oral health? If, this question is asked from a layman, then obviously his reply would be cleaning the teeth twice a day is good oral health. Surprisingly, his answer is wrong, because good oral health consists of smooth functioning of the mouth, including the gums, teeth and tongue. The problem in these organs is enough to make your mouth smell badly, but also affect your overall health. Going through this necessity, it is imperative to take proper care of these organs and as soon as there is a problem in any of these organs it is advised to visit the dentist nearby without wasting the single minute from your hectic working schedule.

Because, a delay in taking care of oral health might result in the loss of tooth at an early age. You will agree that there various people around us who suffer from the problem of tooth loss due to improper cleaning. Apart from this, other reasons of tooth loss at an early age also happens due to irregular eating habits and also an accident. Well, whatever the reasons is, the gap between the teeth is enough to make a person feel embarrassed in front of others while he his talking to someone. Along with this a person is not able to even eat and drink, which indirectly affects his health.

Going through this concern of persons suffering from the tooth loss, today there are lots of treatments available for broken tooth repair offered by the dentist. The list of treatment available for the missing teeth consists of dentures (obviously the conventional option of the broken tooth), filling (this consists of filling the resin materials between the gap of two teeth, it is however suitable in the situation where there is only a gap of single tooth missing between the two teeth), crowns (broken tooth do not always mean, the breaking of full teeth, it also includes breaking of the half teeth due to any reason. To cover the space of broken teeth, crown is placed to cover the space of the broken tooth. The crown looks similar to the original teeth and do not let the people know about the placement of crown over the broken tooth), veneers ( they are similar to crowns, the only difference is that where the crowns are used for covering the broken teeth, veneers are used to cover the improper alignment of discoloration of the teeth), tooth implant (this can be considered as the expensive and permanent solution of the broken tooth. It is actually the advanced format of the denture, here the permanent denture is fixed at the place of missing teeth. The worth mentioning feature of tooth implant is that the person need not have to replace his denture for cleaning them after every meal). It would interesting to know that all these treatments are painless and offer a robust solution to broken and discolored teeth.

Well, after discussing the different methods of treatment of broken teeth, let us see how the poor oral health can impact your overall health. It might surprise you but, people suffering from gum problems are at high risk of heart diseases and attacks than compared to others. Therefore, it is mandatory to take of the oral health as soon as you notice any problem, even if it is a small swelling over the gums.

In short, it can be said that as you pay attention towards different types of methods that are helpful in enhancing your looks, similarly you should pay attention towards your oral health also so as to impress the people meeting with you for the first time with fascinating smile.

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