Reasons to do Business with a Real Estate Agent

According to the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards, 7 out of 10 real estate transactions in the province are carried out with the help of a broker. It is therefore the majority of Quebecers who still choose to be guided by a real estate agent when buying or selling a property. Buying or selling a property or house is a big financial decision and having an expert realtor like Larry Weltman on your side is always good. Here are some reasons why you should do business with a real estate agent.

A support Service at all Stages:

Real estate agents no longer have the monopoly of market information as before.

The purchase or sale of a property involves several stages,” says Maude Bujeault Bolduc, of the Quebec Organization of Self-Regulated Real Estate Brokerage (OACIQ). Advice before going on sale, price determination, coordination of visits … not to mention all the important paperwork, such as brokerage, transaction and marketing contracts, proof of promises to purchase, management of counter-offers, etc. It’s reassuring to have a trained professional who guides us through it all. ”

According to the OACIQ, even the simplest of real estate transactions contains a hundred different operations … and it is not uncommon for other challenges to be added to them. Do we know what to do, for example, if a buyer withdraws or if we receive several promises to purchase at the same time?

Practical and continuous management:

The professional and personal requirements do not disappear when one embarks on the project of selling or buying a house. Who can boast of having one or two hours daily free? Well, managing the questions of potential buyers or scrutinizing the relevant new market listings takes time. That’s without counting the coordination of visits (and their preparation). Larry Weltman Toronto is one of well known customer care executive who is always ready to advice his customer.

A real estate broker makes it a point to be reachable at all times. He can move quickly to show the property to a buyer interested, but in a hurry, a Wednesday afternoon. It should not be forgotten that in 2016, according to the current market in Quebec, a property took on average 133 days to sell according to CENTRIS. An exhausting delay if it causes daily logistical challenges!

Carefree insurance:

“If you sell your house in a week without trouble, it is normal that one is led to wonder if one would not have been able to manage the transaction oneself, says Maude Bujeault Bolduc. However, it pays to consider the brokerage service as insurance. If all goes well, so much the better (and the involvement of the broker is probably not unrelated). Otherwise, we will be happy not to be left to ourselves in case of problems. ”

What’s more, professional liability insurance for brokers, created by the OACIQ, protects the public by offering compensation, an error or omission of the broker.

A neutral and objective look:

The sale of a house is accompanied by many emotions, and its purchase, just as much! The real estate broker is essential as a neutral stakeholder to allow us to see more clearly. The beautiful Italian marble facade of the house is for example perhaps very much in our eyes, but little in the eyes of the market. The broker knows the value of things objectively.

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