End of All Prior Authorization Challenges with PriorAuth Onine

Prior Authorization

In a medical billing process, the most complicated and frustrating process is the prior authorization(PA). There are hours and hours and even lots of money is invested only in this process yet with no guaranteed approval at one go. The American medical association has already estimated that 31 billion is being spent annually on prior authorizations along with 869 million hours being spent on just obtaining prior authorization, still there is no effective solution are there to reduce the prior authorization problems.

But with Sunknowledge solution you can at least find some relive when prior authorization problems are concern. Sunknowledge a 360 medical billing problem has its specialized prior authorization section ‘PriorAuth Online’. PriorAuth Online being a full authorization solution starting from authorization initiation, approval and follow-up also ensure 100% prior authorization submission on the same day.

Prior Authorization Services Sunknowledge Offers:

  • Gather vital information on medical procedure, patient, and provider
  • Verify and validate prior auth request with effective payer side communication
  • Check the patient’s eligibility
  • Initiate the auth request based on the payer mandates
  • Checking auth status
  • Collating relevant documents from the ordering physicians/follow up
  • Providing additional information if any
  • Update the auth income in the PM/Billing system

Other Benefits of Sunknowledge:

  • 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance
  • 80% operational cost reduction
  • 97% first pass collection rate
  • 30% shrink in your AR bucket
  • 24*7 account manager for assistance
  • Robust reporting providing daily/weekly/monthly report according to the client’s protocol.
  • 9% accuracy rate with the highest productive metric
  • Unparalleled operational transparency
  • No write-offs or adjustment claims are made without the client’s consent

So if you are thinking to put an end to your entire prior authorization problem that also only with a service charge of $7 per hour and a no binding contract Sunknowledge’s PriorAuth Online, it is the perfect solution to all your problems.

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