Prepare to Choose the Ideal House

Buying an apartment or condo is fun but not a game. Remember that a property can cost the equivalent of 10 cars and you may have to live in it for many years. Buying a property to live is an important decision, but paradoxically we know more about cars and flat screens than real estate and construction materials.

A house is the places where you can work, grow, love, have fun and share with your partner and your loved ones. People dream of a comfortable and welcoming home, a safe haven, an investment. Want a quiet space to rest, elegant to show off and festive to invite friends. But what happens if it is dark or cold, if the bedrooms are too small, if the bathroom opens on the living room and you smell what you are cooking in front? What happens if your neighbor wakes you up at six in the morning with the rancherite of the quadrant? Do you know that many buildings have false plaster ceilings, columns in the middle of the walls and cardboard doors? Do you know that in many advertisements and plans they draw the smallest furniture to give the idea of spaciousness?

Although one expects to spend many hours in your apartment or condo, the fact is that real estate agents rarely give you the opportunity to review the property calmly and in detail. Almost never leave you alone for a while to feel your spaces, although you can ask. Sometimes they do not even have elementary data: are parking places fixed? Do you have enough water? Do you have a doorman or watchmen? How much do the condo owners pay for common expenses?

To make a good decision, try to visit the properties with people who know the subject and join you willingly. Be very clear about what you want, what you need, what you can pay without suffering a monthly collapse. Think if you are going to spend many hours at home, if you prefer more rooms even if they are small, if you like silence or coexistence. If everyone in your house leaves at the same time in the morning, how will you do it with just one bath?

The height of the ceilings is more important than the colour of the paint. Security is more important than a marble staircase. Here we present, without being exhaustive, general aspects that will help you evaluate your options and make an intelligent decision.

Neighborhood, street, building:

Locate the site on the map of the city and consider the communication routes, means of transport and routes to frequent destinations (work, school, family, supermarkets). Ask about nearby services: banks, shops, schools, hospitals, cinemas, etc. See that the neighborhood suggests a rational development with good quality buildings; that ensures the investment and even some surplus value.

The sun rises in the east but, throughout the year, it moves a lot: study the orientation of the building and calculate if you will have morning sun in the bedrooms (preferable) or in the room. Sometimes, internal departments are better oriented than those that face the street. High floors are preferred because they have more light, better views and less noise, but the top floor can cause problems.

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