Popular Flowers and Their Origins

The goodness of flowers is no mirage. It is the symbol of life’s ecstasy. The flowers have the best way to say what words fail to express. The exuberance invokes the most profound emotions that bring to your feet happiness and joy. So don’t miss out on the wonder of the fresh flowers. There is no reason to forbid yourselves from the heavenly happiness that flowers bestow upon you.

Here are the most popular flowers and their meanings that will help you create a beautiful bouquet for your loved ones. The enjoyable part of this, you can have a different flower for every feature of their personality. For the cheery cheeks of your daughter, add the carnations, and for her passion for work, let the lilies unfurl the magic.

Your loved ones who make your life no less than heaven admire their presence in your life with some glamorous flowers.

  1. Roses

The roses originated about 5000 years ago in the gardens of Asia. The roses find themselves to be in the spotlight during the valentine season.

The roses are linked to mother Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. This exquisiteness of roses is really the spectacle of nature that has come to fill human life with love. Send red roses online and surprise your loved one from miles away. Celebrate the love even if you are seven seas away. Nature has immense pleasures for you both to experience. Find the joy of having the best for your loved ones with fresh flowers.

  1. Hydrangea

Have a glimpse of hydrangeas to find the ultimate calmness. The word hydrangea means water barrel as it requires a lot of water to grow. This exquisite flower is the symbol of joy. If you want to apologize or express gratification, hydrangeas can help you do that with ease.

  1. Sunflower

These reflections of the sun are known as helianthus in scientific terms. These flowers respond to the movement of the sun and thus find considerable significance in traditions. The oil of the sunflower seeds would treat you with a delightful meal.

Giving a sunflower bouquet to your loved ones would fill them with ecstasy, passion and vibrance of enlightenment.

  1. Tulips

The tulips date back nearly a thousand years. The tulips are the symbols of eternity and everlasting love. The tulips are one of the most pricey flowers that were once the symbols of the ottoman empire. These were once used as the currency in Holland. Find these fabulous young flowers at your local florist in Mumbai and delight your instincts.

  1. Amaryllis

Amaryllis brings joy to your home. These are known as Christmas lilies as these look similar to them.

Amaryllis was offered as a reward for a job done in Victorian times.

  1. Thernation

These are known to have originated from mother Mary’s tears as she watched Jesus Christ being crucified. The carnations symbolize deep and pure love. That a mother possesses for her child. The carnations are well suited to make your mother smile.

  1. Daisy

Daisies are the symbol of youth and innocence. In Norse mythology, it is the sacred flower of the goddess of love and fertility. Since then, it is the symbol of new beginnings and is often presented to congratulate the new mother’s.


The lilies were discovered around 1580 BC. The oldest known lilies date back to 3000 years ago and are known as Madonna lilies.

The lilies are dedicated to mother Mary by the Catholic Church. These lovely flowers signify fertility and can be gifted on various occasions to offer congratulations to your loved ones.

  1. Orchids

The joy of being with family and friends comes to life when you present these orchids to them. You will be surprised to know that orchids find their mention in medical texts dating back to 50 to 70 BC. These flowers stand for eternal love and can be best for your wedding anniversary.

  1. Lilacs

The epitomes of youth, lilacs, are called syringa in botany. The Greek myth follows that the god of forests chased a nymph named syringa through the jungles, who hid by turning into a bush.

The lilacs can be an ideal gift for Easter flowers. They are usually the 8th wedding anniversary flowers.

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