Important Information You Need To Know Before Hiring A Caterer


Choosing a corporate catering in Orange County company should never be a complicated task if you ask the right questions. However, hiring a catering company can be time-consuming and you might end up hiring the wrong caterer if you don’t get the necessary information from the caterer. Here are a few things you need to know before hiring a catering company.

Do the workers like their work?

This seems simple but very important. You need to observe the workers and ask them some questions to know whether they like what they do. If the workers seem to be underpaid or not comfortable doing the work then you need to look for another company. Most corporate catering that provides cheap quotes, often underpay their workers and provide substandard services.

Will the chef who prepared your tasting food prepare food at your event?

Some companies hire a professional cook to prepare food for your tasting but bring a different chef at your event. You need to be sure of having the same chef prepare food at your event so that you get what you paid for. 

Are there additional costs?

You need to hire a company that gives you transparent pricing. Some companies will charge you additional fees for cleaning up the mess after your guests have eaten. You need to know everything about pricing.

Do they have a backup plan?

A good corporate catering in Orange County company should have a backup plan for everything. They should have a backup chef if the main chef gets sick. They should also have a backup for workers. You need to ask them and know if they have backups to ensure your event goes on smoothly.

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