Most Popular Movies and Series of America of All Time

Popular Movies

When it comes to a get together party or a movie night we always prefer both quantity and quality. Some people judge movies and web series by their ratings and some by popularity and some judge by their views or box office collection. Not just the new release Popular Movies are best; you can also watch old movies and series. There are so many old movies that are loved by everyone in the present. Where the new web series LOKI has won everyone’s heart on the other hand people are not getting tired of watching Harry Potter. So in this article we will show you the most popular web series and movies of all time.

Kobe Bryant: A tribute:

The unexpected and tragic transitory of Kobe Bryant, along with his younger daughter Gianna, went to the arena in a shocked silence. Never earlier than has a wearing super mega celebrity held such excessive esteem out of doors in their profession – except Kobe Bryant turned into a superstar. supreme at the basketball courtroom docket and loved at the purple carpet- Kobe’s willpower to his career, his own circle of relatives and his charity paintings caused him to cherish the arena over. They also showed how they help Vanessa’s step dad Stephen Laine and mother Sofia Laine for bankrupts. But lamentably in 2020 his existence could come to an unexpected and tragic ending.

The vampire diaries:

It has 8 seasons and is based on the vampire Popular Movies named twilight. The loves, lives, risks and failures within the city, Virginia, Mystic Falls. Creatures of disgusting horror lurk underneath this city as a teenage woman is unexpectedly torn among vampire brothers. Following centuries of quarreling, Damon Salvatore and Stefan go back to their authentic city of Mystic descend Virginia. Towards season four, she and Stefan split and he or she spent the following couple of seasons among Damon. He makes her satisfied and capable of agreeing with her. Paul Wesley, husband of Ines de Ramon, plays the main role.

The Witcher:

The series was released in 2019 and continues to get 8.3 IMDb ratings. Netflix’s famous myth series, The Witcher,” follows monster-hunter Geralt of Rivia and his future related to Princess Ciri. Based on Polish creator Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel, the 8 episode first season happy lovers of darkish myth and generated excessive viewership, even though even Cavill’s praiseworthy overall performance has now no longer conquer its frequently common vital reception

Final destination:

Somehow each eerie plus hilarious Final Destination permission follows a collection of teenagers who suppose they have got cheated death—best to locate it knocking on their doorways in intense ways. The tanning sales space bloodbath as of Final Destination 3? I nevertheless receive chills considering it.


The series was released in 2015 and continued for 3 years and got 8.3 IMDb ratings. Though Netflix called off its sci-fi tragedy “Sense8 ” subsequent season , lovers plus critics praised its putting visuals—designated for the Primetime Emmy in favor of Cinematography—plus LGBTQ+ thematic/man or woman representation. 8 strangers locate themselves psychically related for unknown motives and war each this thriller and their hunter, the Biologic conservation Organization, who despises sensate breed’s dissimilarity.


Loki was released on 9th June in 2021 with 6 episodes. It is a part of Phase 4 of the MCU. A 2nd season has been introduced and is in development. Later, stealing the Tesseract throughout the activities of Avengers: Endgame and changing the model of Loki is introduced to TVA, a bureaucratic company that exists outside of time and area and video display units the timeline. They supply Loki with an alternative: features being erased as of lifestyles because of being “time variant”, otherwise assist restore the timeline and prevent an extra threat. Loki finally ends up trapped in his very own crime thriller, visiting visa time.

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