Most Important Benefits of Golf

When we think of golf we imagine an activity typical of the upper classes, a hobby carried out by lonely people, but unlike what some may think of golf is a very complete and healthy precision sport. Although it does not enjoy the popularity of other mass sports, golf has nothing to envy to anyone in terms of the benefits it brings to both your body and your mind.

This sport stands out because it is suitable for all ages and is a good ally for health.  It is an excellent way to lower stress, keep fit and learn to better manage levels of frustration.

The 5 main benefits of practicing golf for health

Direct contact with nature:

Outdoor physical activity is perfect. For nature lovers golf has it all: relaxed atmosphere, green and silent fields, fresh air and a quiet environment, thus favoring mental balance.  It is the ideal place to disconnect from day to day because the golf course is an ecosystem that you can enjoy during several hours of travel.

Complete and low impact physical activity:

It is ideal to stay active with the least impact on your physical health. It is a moderate exercise, ideal for all ages whether male or female. Because it is a low intensity sport, it helps you to stay in shape without the consequent risk of injury.  In addition, it is the physical exercise par excellence since it invites you to walk in a pleasant and beneficial environment for your health. Among the benefits for your health are: reduce body weight and reduce obesity, maintain a good level of blood pressure and heart rate, increasing your physical resistance and strengthening the nervous system.

It promotes physical and mental health:

It is the perfect sport for your body since it combines is óbicos and anaerobic exercises, contributing to the burning of calories and the strengthening of your muscles.  From the technical execution allows working both the upper and lower limbs, as well as the waist, improving your muscle power as neuromuscular coordination.

Recommended by psychologists, this sport also has its benefits in mind, since it reduces levels of stress, anxiety and even helps fight depression, thus improving your quality of life.

Contributes to strengthen personal relationships:

In the middle of the benefits is that it strengthens social relationships. The environment where this sport is developed is ideal to make contacts, get to know the clients better, strengthen friendships and even to get new projects.  There is a lot of time to interact so at the end you can take pleasure in a sporting time with interesting talks.

Helps maintain concentration:

This sport also requires concentration and balance, so practicing it will stimulate your neurological functioning, helping your brain stay young.  It will help you to increase your strategic vision of things, to cultivate patience and to develop a level of organization that will serve you even in other areas of your life. Zack Creed also known as Zachary Creed Oakville is a pioneer in the field of Golf you can follow him to get tips to improve your game.

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