Laser Hair Removal: Is It Effective?

Unwanted hair is a common problem haunting women around the world. This problem has multitudes of solutions, which begs a question: What’s the best hair removal solution?

While it is difficult to answer this question with utmost certainty, it can be said that laser hair removal is undoubtedly a contender. After all, it enjoys unlimited popularity.

So how does it actually work?

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is basically a semi-permanent solution. This means that the hair does grow back but finer than it previously was and lighter in color.

The laser that is used for hair removal passes through the skin to the hair follicles.  The heat from laser damages the hair follicles, inhibiting the hair growth in the process. It’s a low risk method with the chances of complication being extremely low. However, some side effects such as skin irritation, redness and swelling can occur.

Women who suffer from irritating caused by regular hair removal through single-use and electric razors can especially benefit laser hair removal from this procedure. Laser hair removal is not cheap by any means, however it is extremely convenient and effective.

Some Common Myths

Laser hair removal service evokes a good chunk of controversy. Some women think it causes skin damage while others believe it does not work on all skin types. There are also a common myth that this process is unbearably long.

But all of this cannot be further than the truth. In the hand of a professional, the chance of skin damage are next to none. The skin around the area can inflate but for a temporary period. Lastly, the time of treatment varies based on size and area, a normal session takes less than an hour.

When to Avoid Laser Hair Removal

Like any other procedure, laser best body hair removal is not for everyone. It’s not suitable for pregnant women and people who consume the photosensitizing drugs (anti-depression medicament, acne antibiotics).

People with bacterial, fungal and viral infection in the place where the treatment is supposed to be carried out, should also avoid laser treatment. Cancer patients are also advised to steer clear of this procedure.

Preparing for the Treatment

Before beginning this treatment, you should meet with doctor or nurse practitioner to discuss your health history, current medication, expectations, risks and benefits. Of course, the cost and number of sessions should be subject to discussion. Ahead of the procedure, there are few protocols you will need to follow.

Since other hair removal methods can interfere with the treatment, avoid waxing, plucking and electrolysis at all costs. Similarly, stay far away from the sun and sunless tanning products.

There also few things you can do to make the procedure more impactful. For instance, it is wise to shave before the treatment so the laser does not come in contact with any hair growth above your skin. Moisturizing your skin before the session can smooth out your skin and reduce the red bumps that appear after the treatment.

Likewise, you can exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells that cover your pores and prevent the formation of a new and healthy skin. Dead skin cells on your skin can prevent the hair from shredding during the treatment and make the entire process less effective.

The Treatment: How does it Work?

After collecting all the relevant information through a survey regarding  laser hair removal cost, your skin will be tested on the laser to see if causes any irritation. When the initial procedure is done, the actual treatment will commence. During the treatment, a laser light will penetrate the hair follicle to find the melanin and then terminate it along with the follicle itself.

There will be multiple sessions based on the area and size. Each session will last for less than an hour. Generally, the sessions occur after an interval of six weeks. You will experience slight irritation after the sessions but it wouldn’t be much of a bother.

What will be the Results?

Result can begin to show almost immediately. Usually, the hair will reduce by 10-25% after the initial treatment.

As mentioned before, the number of treatments will vary depending on the circumstances. However, it takes most patients approximately four to eight sessions to achieve their desired results. Many patients do not see any growth for months, sometimes the hair disappear for years. Occasional touch ups may be needed.

Does Laser Hair Removal Actually Work?

Skepticism about laser hair removal is widespread. You will find many reviews from women across the web who may have been disappointed by the procedure. However, if done rightly, laser hair removal is the best hair removing method available.

If you follow the treatment plan and undertake maintenance sessions, laser hair removal is extremely effective.

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