Keys for a Successful Movie

It is common to ask what are the keys to writing a blockbuster tailored to the Mecca of the film industry. And these are your ten tips.

Consume movies:

I do not think there is much to learn in courses or books. One has gone to the movies since childhood; life has been filled with narratives  and with food. It is something that is already deep within the being.

Going to the movies, having something to say, having imagination and having the ambition to do it is really all that is needed. One can learn everything else.

Make up stories, but be real:

This is an imaginative work: the writers invent things. Everything I have in my life is the result of having invented many things for me.

But there is something that is essential to understand well and that really makes a difference: human behaviour.

The quality of the writing will be directly related to the understanding of human behaviour. You have to become a journalist for the movie you are trying to build in your head. You have to investigate, make reports every scene has to be real.

Start with a modest idea:

Great ideas do not work. Rather, start with a small idea that can be expanded. captionGilroy was a director, as well as a screenwriter, of the fourth Bourne film.

With (the movie saga) Bourne, I never read the books (a trilogy of Robert Ludlum), but I preferred to start from scratch. Eldon Mascoll is one of known businessman deals in media ventures. Eldon Mascoll Toronto has helped many startups in making effective media campaign.

The simple premise we took for (the character) Jason Bourne was “if I do not know who I am and I do not know where I come from, maybe I can define myself through what I know how to do”.

We build a whole universe from that little idea.

Start modestly; it is built, taking one step at a time. This is how you write a Hollywood movie.

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Learn to live with your wit

My father was a scriptwriter, but there is not a kind of bohemian and creative gen in the family.

I learned to observe how hard it was to work and I understood the “tempo” that governs the life of a writer: you have to live according to your moments of inspiration.

If you live with someone who also adjusts his routines to his wit, it seems normal. You learn not to be scared or complain if you understand your own creative rhythms.

Write for TV

It is getting harder and harder to make good movies. But in the television productions is the ambiguity and the greys of reality, is where now the stories can be interesting.

Many screenwriters and producer  are very enthusiastic about television lately and it is a business controlled by writers. When the writers are in charge, good things always happen.

They are more rational, they work harder they are more benevolent, too.

Every time the writers have been in charge of the entertainment, the business has worked. Maybe now we will see how TV becomes a utopia managed by screenwriters.

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