Important Steps You Should Never Miss When Selling a Home

The process of selling a home is similar to whether you are hiring an agent or selling a house by owner. Some details can be different from country to country, and state to state but our checklist can serve as a general house selling guide. Always confer with a local professional to ensure that any specific requirements adhere to the rules in your state.


Selling a house by owner
Selling a house by owner

Find out the worth of your house

The great mistake that most sellers make is overpricing their homes. It is best to keep the price of your house the same to sold homes that have been identified in the market. You need to consider whether the market is cold, hot or neutral so that you can price your house according to the market.


Ready your house for sale

You need to prepare your house for sale by decluttering it and cleaning it to improve its appeal. You might consider hiring a stager to do professional home staging for your house. If you don’t have enough money for staging, you can use your own furniture although it is best if you hire furniture. Make the necessary repairs in your home and if pets live in the house, you can make alternate plans for them. You need to do your best to make the first impression count.


Do proper marketing

You should identify the sizzling selling points of your property and pick the best advertising words to sell your home. You shouldn’t just sit there and ask yourself “how do I sell my house” when you can do proper marketing and get the attention of potential buyers. You should hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos for online marketing if possible.


Show your home

Remember that your house will show better if you list it in spring and not winter. You will get lower offers for your house if you sell it during the holidays. Make preparations for an open house but try to use this approach sparingly. Get feedback from buyers and try to adjust the condition of the house, the price and marketing campaigns accordingly.


Get offers and negotiate

You should prepare to get multiple offers if you price your house correctly. You shouldn’t ignore any offer even if you receive ridiculously low offers. Try to make a counteroffer as a way of negotiating. The counteroffer should be contingent on you buying a property if the conditions of the market warrant it. If your price is competitive, you shouldn’t cower from making a full-price counteroffer. You can ask for a right of first refusal if the offer of the buyer is contingent on him selling a house.


Order title

When selling a house by owner, you don’t hire an agent. This means that you will need a transaction coordinator to open escrow for you and order a title policy. You should always remember to choose a date to close and contact information for the transaction coordinator. You shouldn’t forget to ask for a receipt for the earnest money deposit of the buyer.

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