Important Gears Which Your Kid Should has While Practicing JIU JITSU:

There are lots of parents who like to involve their children in some physical activity outside school hours. Extra-curricular activities are so important not only for physical wellbeing but can also make your child mentally fit. By keeping this thing in mind parents force their children to take part in some physical sports. Today’s children are so much integrating with video games and other computer games which are making these generation kids mentally and physically weak.

So if you are thinking of a sport in which your children will have fun then go for Brazilian JIU JITSU. Fighting is loved by everyone either boy or girl so for them JIU JITSU would be a great start for their self-defense lessons. When we talk about Martial arts or Judo the very first thing which comes in our mind is that they are associated with adults but that’s not true, children of age 10 to 15 are also in BJJ.

Initially, your kid will hate to do practice but as time goes on, he or she will love to learn more moves. If your kid shows interest in BJJ then take any local club of her choice in your area who are expert in this sport and moreover take affordable monthly fees.

For starting this sport you need to have some equipment or gear which will help you learn faster and in a proper manner. Here are those pieces of equipment.


  • BJJ GI:


The first equipment without which your child can’t perform a single move or even can’t get the entry in the club is the ‘BJJ GI’. BJJ GI is a uniform of JIU JITSU just like you have a uniform of your school. Without the uniform, you can’t even enter the school and the story is the same with BJJ GI. The GI of JIU JITSU comes with a coat and with a pair of trousers; the color of the GI should be white. You can also make a custom GI depending on your choice but always make sure the GI would fit you perfectly.


  • Rash Guard:


Another equipment which your child should have while practicing JIU JITSU is the rash guard. As we all know BJJ is a fighting sport in which grapping and throwing is common. These rash guards help you from getting skin burn and rashes. Rash guards are very much effective and better then cotton t-shirts and other compression shirt, because it is made from nylon which make the combatant feel comfortable and ease them to do their moves freely.

  • Belts:

Belts, we all know is an important part of your BJJ GI. Initially, belts were introduced to keep your jacket closes. But now they are representing different levels in Brazilian JIU-JITSU. For beginners, the belt should be white and as your level gets up you will get the black belt. When you are starting your first BJJ class whatever your age is you have to start with a white belt.


  • Mouth Guard:


If you love your teeth than you will need a mouth guard. Although hitting your face is prohibited in this sport but, accidents can occur at any time. Jaws will get protected but your teeth will not, they can break down and can also hurt you as well. so getting a mouth guard is a wise choice and as a parent, you should buy and protect your kid’s teeth.


  • Knee Pads:


You will surely need a wrestling knee pads if you’re training level in little up. Knee should be protected at any cost and for that knee pads are the best option. Knee pads will protect your knee on impact with the ground. If you are just on 1st level than you don’t need to have one but if you level in little up and you are training some ground moves than its must.


  • Water Bottle:


Having a water bottle is obvious, but lots of time we generally forgot it. So that’s why this is in my list. Drinking water or energy drink is must when you are associated with any physical sport. So having a water bottle when you are practicing JIU JITSU is so important.

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