How To Store Tools For Longer Life

A useful tool is a good investment, but if you are taking good care to all of the tools in India, they all return the favour. Keeping the tools properly stored, maintained, and cleaned with save the time and money and make the DIY endeavours that is much more rewarding.

We are mostly talking about hand tools, power tools, and garden tools in this, but much of the same advice is common to every other tool or a part it could be a kitchen knife, crafting weapons and any other part. Store them properly, keep them clean, and maintain it well.

How to store the tools

You have to play smart with the available space you have. Maybe you could opt to hand it around the walls on pegboard or store them in boxes, chest or bags or you might also keep them in a drawer or on any shelve which is clean in your shop.

Rust is the enemy for any tool, to avoid rust when storing tools:

  1. Keep your device in drier places: it is pronounced that moisture welcomes rust, and garages, basements, and other enclosed spaces could have humidity issues, especially if they are not heated or air-conditioned. If you keep the tools in a location like this, especially if you keep them out on pegboard or shelves.
  2. Hang your garden tools: even if you keep the garden tools inside the garage or your shed, hang them so that they do not rest on the floor. Moisture could easily creep up from concrete floors.
  3. Store hand and power tools in the original places: unless you have any climate controlled workshop, your best bet for storing power tools in the hard plastic cases they usually come up with.
  4. Use some silica gel packs or rusting collector: the silica gel packs which come in lots of packaging are great at keeping moisture at bay.

Clean the tool after every use

Cleaning the tools may be the last things you wanted to do after a day of work, but it is essential for keeping the tools in good shape. Cleaning the tools do not have to be difficult at all if you are preparing:

  1. Hand tools: you could clean most hand tools by merely wiping it with a rag. Wipe wooden handles with a cloth dampened with a little linseed oil.
  2. Garden tools: you could clean garden tools in much of the same way as hand tools. Some of the folks use motors oil in their sand, but even some of the engine oil left on to tools that could harm your soil. So the garden tools, stick with linseed oil.
  3. Power tool: it is trickier to clean, machine oil is an excellent choice for this, but you may also check the manual that comes with the device.

Repair the tool after every use

How much safely you use the tool, you wear goggles and gloves. What is the best brand of hand tools is a question which could not answer quickly? It is all about maintaining the devices.

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