How to Start Vlogging with Your Mobile Phone

How to start vlogging with Mobile Phone

Technology is revolutionizing the world. In the race of technology, the trend of multimedia has changed the way of interacting with devices.

Smartphone innovation is leading the world to new heights. Technological innovation has resulted in a new era of vlogging. People tend to watch videos as compared to reading the article.

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. You can capture the beauty of nature in your camera and watch it any time, anywhere, and from any part of the world.

Whether it’s the birthday party or wedding anniversary, you don’t need to hire professionals for photography or cinematography.

All you need is a smartphone with a high-quality camera. Most of the latest smartphones are equipped with a high-quality camera to meet the user’s requirements.

How to Vlog on Your Mobile Phone

If you are beginners and want to start your career as a vlogger, you don’t need to buy expensive gadgets. You can start making a vlog with your phone.

All you need is to follow some tips to make quality videos. There are Millions of Youtuber are already making vlog and sharing them on different platforms.

• You need to create unique content to stand out from the crowd. Follow the famous vlogger and try to copy their style at the beginning. The main purpose is to learn from their experience and adopt a new way of vlogging. Watch more videos from experts to adopt a unique way of vlogging. Try to shoot video from unique angles.

• Follow the rule of the third while making your vlog. Try to cover the surrounding along with the object. Rule of third helps in more user engagement.

• Always use landscape mode while shooting your vlog. It will help in properly covering the object along with the surroundings. Landscape mode also helps to capture the high resolution video which eliminates the possible issues while editing the video.

• Collaborate with other content creators related to your field. At the beginning, you need a little boost. Collaboration and proper use of social media will help you in gaining initial subscribers.

• Editing is the most crucial part of vlogging. If you know the art of editing, you can turn your dream of vlogging into reality within days. You can learn video editing by taking online or offline classes. Proper video editing helps in removing bloopers, errors, and other unnecessary material from the video.

• You can use different video editing apps available on the play store if you are using an android phone.

• Another most important point most of the vloggers are missing is matching the resolution of the video to the resolution of the finished product. You need to upload the video with the same resolution with which it was recorded. If you mismatch the resolution, it will result in bad video quality.

• Buy some necessary vlogging equipment if you can afford. All you need is the best phone stand for recording, a mic, and a smartphone. If you can’t afford, try some DIY ideas for making necessary vlogging equipment.

• Follow your passion. Always make a video related to the topic you love. If you are making vlogs irrelevant to your interest, you will end up making videos within days. If you love to play football, make videos related to football. You can share football tips and tricks with your audience. When your passion and profession combine, the result will be incredible.

• Use social media to engage more visitors. Particularly, when you are new to vlogging and nobody knows you, you need to use social media to attract more visitors to your channel. Whenever you post your video, share on popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc.

• If you properly follow the above tips, you can get the desired results. You will get hilarious reactions from your audience at the start but never lose hope. Just keep on making videos and try to improve the quality of the video as time passes by. No one is interested in watching the same video, with the same person and angles again and again. Try something unique and collaborate with other Youtuber to attract subscribers at the beginning.

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