How To Mix Different Prints In One Outfit

How to mix multiple prints and not to look awkward? We reveal the secrets of harmonious tandems and convince everyone that everything is much simpler than you think.

No matter how you like monophonic things and accessories, additional elements in the form of drawings always add a little spice and dynamism to the product in particular and complex originality to your image as a whole. Today, there are crazy prints set. Some, for example, are relevant even in the most strict dress code – business classics. You can safely wear stripes, plaid, spotted, paisley, and all their different variations like the dogtooth or the Prince of Wales print.

For other informal situations and different freestyles, geometric, floral, animalistic, abstract, ethnic patterns, as well as sports iconography, phrases, and other statement labels will do.

Prints are total hits of the latest fashion seasons, and combinations of several patterns are especially revered in the new season. The rule “in one set – one pattern” is no longer relevant. Mixing multiple prints at once is possible and necessary. And it is easy to do this, observing only one nuance of community or similarity.

When combining several patterns, they should have something in common, the shape or a set of colors.

Same shape

A uniform printed form can be created with a mix of identical prints that is, combining spotted with spotted or plaid with a plaid or several different patterns of the same direction, for example, a plaid with speckled or leopard patterns with a zebra. Floral, plant and other curvilinear ornaments also perfectly match with each other.
The color scheme with such combinations may be different. When combining the same prints, choose pictures of a different scale: this way the image will look more harmonious, and others will not begin to flit before eyes.

The same range of colors

The color is pure: if different prints have the same color range, boldly combine them. Prints in similar colors complement each other and do not over-pull everyone’s attention to themselves. Such a principle of “contrasting patterns” is loved to use in eclecticism and boho stylistics actively: look, for example, at the Etro collection or the duet of the plaid and snake print by Miu Miu.
«60-30-10» rule

If you are not ready to wear a striped skirt with a polka-dot top, start with accessories. A scarf, belt, bag or tights with a current print will add a little spice to your look.

But if you are already an advanced fashionista and are not afraid to mix three prints at once, then follow the classic rule 60-30-10: let the largest print occupy a large area of your outfit (approximately 60%), the second largest pattern – 30% and the smallest – the remaining 10%. For example, you put a floor-length skirt with large flowers on, a striped crochet top and tie a narrow zebra scarf.

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