How To Improve Your Internet Speed?

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From attending Zoom meetings to streaming Netflix shows, almost everything we do nowadays requires an internet connection. We understand nothing is more infuriating than a slow internet speed. Every time your internet connection becomes sluggish, it brings your entire life to a halt. But you don’t have to stress about this anymore, especially after learning about our simple and easy-to-follow tricks to enhance your Mediacom internet speed.  So, let’s get started!

Test Your Connection Using A Different Router or Modem

Sometimes, the major cause of slow internet speed is an obsolete modem. If you are facing frequent dropouts, before blaming them on your internet service provider, check if your modem sits well with your ISP and the plans you are on.

One simple way to check is to reach out to your ISP and ask it to share a list of supported modems. Alternatively, if you rent a modem from your provider, it will surely go well with the internet service you have purchased.

Manage Your Network’s Devices

If you live with a large household where everyone has multiple devices, routers can get overstretched which may result in speed issues. If several new devices have been connected to your home Wi-Fi and you are experiencing speed issues, it is high time you should limit the total number of connected devices.

Beware of Bandwidth Thieves

Your speed might be slow because your neighbors are using your Wi-Fi signal, leaving only a little for you. Make sure your router is encrypted with WPA2 security and has a strong password. If you want, you can visit your router’s settings to check what devices are connected to your network. In case, you don’t recognize any of them, first kick them off your network, and then change Wi-Fi password.

Check If You Are Getting the Speeds You Are Paying For

Use any website that offers speed testing tools to find out if you are getting the same speed that your internet service provider promised in your service contract.

In case you are not, contact your internet service provider, and see if there is some issue at their end. If there is no problem with them, chances are they might be deceiving you out of money for a substandard plan. Our advice for you is to consider switching.

Reset Your Router

Another easiest troubleshooting method is to reset your router. This has several advantages you’re your average home network. It can apply essential updates that your router may have been waiting on, rebootyour router’s limited memory to speed things up, and support in eliminating hacking attempts.

Consider Your data caps

One of the biggest culprits of sluggish internet connection is data caps. Most internet service providers do not advertise their data caps which badly messes up your connection later on.  If you cross your limit, you will have to face some penalty like an overage fee or slow internet speeds. And you will notice.

If you have no idea about data caps in your existing internet plan, check your monthly bill. Also, try noticing the patterns — if you keep crossing your limit every month, get an internet plan with a higher data limit.

Run A Virus Scan

Sometimes viruses live on your devices, pull resources away from what you are doing, slacking your internet speeds. Only use authentic antivirus software like TotalAV, McAfee, or Norton to scan your computer for any possible viruses.

Position the router centrally

One of the easiest tricks is to put your router at any central position in your home, so it transmits signals equally in all directions. You can also invest in a mesh router as it comes with several nodes that you can position anywhere in your home instead of depending on a single router in the middle.

Bottom Line

There you are!

While we really wish these tips help you to resolve your speed problems, at times your internet service fails to support your internet lifestyle. If this is the case, we would recommend you sign up for a reliable internet plan like Mediacom internet that brings at your disposal a whole-home Wi-Fi system with strong signals and wall-to-wall coverage, so you can enjoy better Wi-Fi speeds at every nook and cranny of your home. Good luck!

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