How to Effectively Choose The Most Suitable Solar Installer For Your Project


When choosing solar installers in California, there are a few points you must consider. Several energy efficiency-related programs have brought about a rapid rise in the number of solar installations in homes. The rapid increase has then gone on to attract a couple of unscrupulous operators and firms that have cut corners to sustain demand. This article intends to inform every single homeowner on the criteria he needs to make sure that his installer meets before going ahead with the job or project.


  1. The very first thing any homeowner has to consider is the longevity and reputation of the company. You will surely want to hire a company that has survived and been around for a very long time. Firms in the solar industry that have existed for just one to two years are most probably ‘fly by nighters’, which means that they are just operating to get government rebates and they have no intention of offering quality after service support.


  1. You have to ensure that the firm also features a functioning Clean Energy Council accreditation. This accreditation from such recognized government-representing bodies is needed to qualify to install solar systems in most countries of the world.


  1. Ensure that the company you are hiring is a registered business entity and that it has the necessary registration and business numbers on all of its contracts or/and invoices. This is one major feature of the foremost companies that are into solar panel installation in California.


  1. Ensure that your potential installer is completely insured and bonded and has professional indemnity, workers compensation, as well as public liability insurance.


  1. You also need to ensure that the firm is providing the most qualitative products. Frequently, what you will be seeking is real quality certification on components like panels and inverters. Ensure that the panels feature triple bypass diodes. This is what will eventually be of assistance when you have more than a single string of panels and there is a presence of shading.


  1. You will most certainly also want to make sure that you are actually contracting a real electrical company and not just another sales company that sells solar energy components. Professional electrical firms certainly know all of the safety protocols that are involved with solar electricity, and they will most certainly make sure they do a job of the highest possible quality, and most crucially, a safe job. You also rest assured that they will utilize the right cables and other electrical accessories to maximize the quantity of power that’s generated by your system, yet minimize energy losses from your system. Dealing directly with a professional electrical firm also means that you understand who you can call should any repair be required and they are most probable to still be operating after the government rebate is over whilst the sales companies have ceased to be in existence.


This article has provided you with a basic overview of all the things you must ensure and fully in place before going on to choose any solar installers California to execute your installation. Use the tips and you will certainly hire the best.

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