How To Diagnose A Decline In Search Engine Rankings

No SEO provider Australia wants to experience the feeling you get when you realise your website is no longer rankings or you are seeing a dip in traffic. You will go into an SEO panic mode and start searching for a solution. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that could cause this problem, such as a Google penalty, low-quality content, technical on-site problems, an update of algorithms, and so on.

Troubleshooting the problem

Google is not perfect so they can make mistakes, even when it comes to SERPs and their algorithms. Google has occasionally rolled out algorithms to fix its previous algorithms. So sometimes, you are not the problem with the drop in traffic. You should therefore troubleshoot the issue and find the cause.

Page speed

Your page speed is a vital component when it comes to SEO analysis and as more businesses shift toward online operations, SEO becomes more important than ever. In the most straightforward meaning, page speed is how quickly the content on your website loads.

To measure the page speed score of your website, Google will fetch your URL twice – with a mobile device and with a desktop computer. It will then analyse the time it takes to load the content above the fold and also analyse the time it takes to load the entire page.

Images often contribute to most of the data usage on a given webpage. It is therefore an appropriate approach for optimising them to reduce the volume of downloaded bytes to improve the speed of a website.

Create more authoritative content

Your SEO agency should review your content and ensure it is providing value for the current audience. Remember authoritative content pushes more organic traffic to your website and also establishes trust between writers and readers. When online viewers consume your content and start to understand more about your brand, they feel like they are forming a good relationship with you. In other words, they start to trust the words you say.

Refresh the content with declining traffic

The content on your website is like any other good service or product and thus has a finite lifespan. This means that at some point, the content will become less effective at converting and garnering interest. This is what happens when you notice SEO declines. You should therefore audit your content and see how you can make changes to raise your rankings and generate interest. Through upgrading and refreshing your content, you will reap a wide range of SEO benefits. Another way to refresh your content is to turn your old content into a new resource.

Fix unsafe or broken links

Broken links ruin the user experience. They can also harm your search engine rankings. Beyond the scope of your search engine optimisation, your website visitors will despite broken links. When people come across a broken link, they will not want to continue navigating through your website because they cannot. When things are hard, users will not take their time to figure it out. Your SEO provider Australia should therefore help you fix broken links to boost your SEO.

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