How to Create Awesome Instagram Videos

How to Utilize Instagram Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Moving image is fast becoming the more eye-catching format for Instagram content.

Who would settle for a static image when Instagram marketers can upload videos as easily as photos?

Here, we detail why Instagram video marketing is taking storm, as well as how to create videos that will captivate and communicate your brand’s marketing messages without succumbing to the dreaded user thumb-scroll. And we’ll also show you how to use Sked (formerly Schedugram) to publish them automatically, so you can avoid annoying notifications reminding you post at all hours of the day and night.

Why Instagram Video Marketing?

Video has been around on Instagram’s platform since mid-2013, when 15-second videos were introduced onto the platform, shaking up everyone’s favourite photo sharing app.

Currently, Instagram users can upload videos that are as short as 3 seconds, right up to a full 60-second video file, which allows for audio too.

In today’s fast-paced digital media world, video is becoming the most appealing format when it comes to engagement. Here you can do Instagram videos download free.

As cited by social media monitoring platform Newswhip, while the average engagements for photos have increased by 46.4 percent in financial year 2016/2017, the average engagements for video posts have increased by 53 percent.

In addition to this, video posts are averaging more comments than static image posts, indicating that they have a higher likelihood of going viral when users tag friends and other fans in the comments of posts.

Clearly, video content is building momentum, making it big news for social media marketers in 2018.

With interest growing in video posts across the board, how can brands and content marketers capitalise on audiences’ love for moving image?

How To Make Engaging Video Content For Instagram

Making videos for Instagram is a much more complex process than creating static imagery, however, the same principles apply.

Here are 11 tips for Instagram marketers who are intent on getting the most out of video on Instagram.

#1: Ensure That Your Video Has An Objective

It might sound like we’re stating the obvious, however many beautiful pieces of moving image content fail because they don’t have a key objective in mind.

Remember, like any good piece of digital marketing, your Instagram video should have a key objective.

While this factor is important, not every video has to have an earth-shatteringly profound objective.

After all, your brand might not be launching a new product every week, or making major news announcements regularly.

Whatever the objective may be, try to think of ways that moving image content can be used to amplify or exaggerate the objective, and if your ideas begin to get cluttered, consider making two short videos that each explore a different objective.

#2: Ensure That Your Video Is Inspiring Emotion

Think about the last time you shared a video on social media.

Was it funny?

Was it touchingly beautiful?

Was it incredibly moving?

All video content for Instagram should be designed to evoke one key emotion within the viewer, so as to create meaningful impact and to increase the video post’s chance of being shared by the viewer with their friends.

Once you understand what the objective of your video is, think about the feeling you want associated with the marketing message and set about researching techniques or visual language that will allow you to convey that emotion quickly and easily.

Is your company aligning with playful emotions, and geared at teens and young adults?

Consider using bold colours and playful motifs such as balloons in your video content.


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