How to Choose Elegant Prom Dresses According to Your Skin Tone?

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Unlike wedding gowns, elegant prom dresses come in several different colors and styles. One thing that you have to consider when purchasing a prom dress is to choose the color, which suits you the best. Picking the right dress, in a shade that matched your skin tone will help you to stay ahead from others.

Have you ever tried to find out which color suits you the best? Dressing well always means you have chosen the right color. If you want to ensure that the color of your prom dress is more appropriate for your skin tone, then check out the guide to find out the colors that you choose and the ones that you should avoid.

1. Tips for dark skin tone

Darker skin tones have several options, but when it comes to prom gowns, purple, velvet or lavender looks amazing when laid against a darker skin tone. If you want to create contrast, then white or yellow would be a good choice for you. From brighter colors to soft tones and rich, deep tones, and warm colors in any shade will be your right choice. For instance, any pink from bright to light, these colors will make your skin tone look smoother. You should try to stay away from cool colors like gray, blue, silver, gray, black, and brown, because they are too close to your skin tone, and for this will not look beautiful.

2. Tips for light skin tone

Your skin tone is the biggest factor affecting the color choice of elegant prom dresses. For girls with light skin tone, black will be a good choice. Black and white are the two extremes of all colors, so when you combine these two extremes of all colors, the contrast will be amazing. Grape or navy prom dress will also be a good choice for you.

3. Tips for olive skin tone

If you have an olive skin tone, then you are lucky. Because this skin tone looks great in almost any color of the dress. But the ideal color for olive skin girls is pink. From olive to emerald green tones, any shades of red like cherries, roses, and maroon prom dresses will make these girls beautiful.

4. Tips for medium skin tone

If you have a medium skin tone, then primary and bold shades will suit you the best. You should choose a color for the prom dress, which will make your skin look warm, like royal blue, sky blue, or grape. Girls with medium skin tone should stay away from beige, brown, orange, caramel, and pale pink.

These are some of the general tips that you follow when buying a prom dress based on your skin tone. However, it does not necessarily mean these are strict rules. It is always better to walk out of your comfort zone every once in a while. And to ensure that you are buying a quality dress, always opt for a reputable shop that offers different types of prom dresses along with cheap wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns. Pick the one that will glam you up and make you feel comfortable.

Author Bio: Olivia Smith, a popular blogger on cheap wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns and prom dresses, here provides a few tips on how to pick the right prom dress based on the skin tone. She also suggests to choose a reputable shop for buying maroon prom dresses.

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