How New Drivers Can Hone Their Road Skills

Driving Skills

For some, learning to drive can be overwhelming while others can be experts right from the beginning. It depends on an individual and varying level of anxiety or a certain disability; some might choose not to get behind the wheel. Every experience is different, and it takes time to adjust so here’s how to hone the road skills.

Practice for perfection

At the start, driving might feel tricky and difficult to cope with which is why even the most experienced drivers imagine why they find it so tough. This is because experience leads to confidence which comes from constant practice and unending efforts. During the first few lessons, learners will be exposed to new elements of driving and the road, however, sticking to it with motivation and confidence will eventually improve driving.

Find a mentor

It’s obvious you already have an instructor who’s teaching you how to drive but, his temperament, teaching style and compatibility makes a huge impact on your learning. Just in case yours is an angry and impatient instructor, a learner’s likely to make more mistakes and gets nervous on the road which is why finding a good mentor can make a real distance. Just as one size doesn’t fit all, the same goes for instructor’s style so you should carefully pick one you’re most comfortable with, and the person should be serious at teaching.

Besides this, the overall length of the lessons also plays a crucial role in your ability to learn. Some might agree with two-hours per day which can leave learners exhausted and overwhelmed with the technical details of a car’s mechanism. So here’s when you should also consider the duration of the lessons and one-hour per day is more than enough for newbies on the road. Some of the most basic driving details along with technical info can be extracted when you’re buying or replacing a car tyre in Sharjah from authentic dealers or at a professional auto garage.

The car makes a difference

Before you choose to pick a driving instructor and the vehicle, determine the car that you’ll have to be it manual or automatic and practice accordingly. It’s obvious you won’t master your driving skills when practicing cars with different mechanisms. Basics can be learned, but still, experts say it’s better to learn driving in your own car.

Keep on learning

Driving is more like maths; the more you practice, the better! And you can develop the skills by learning all the way even after clearing the initial test. For new drivers, this is more important so as to come prepared and be aware of driving hazards, road laws, directions, and their meaning, how to decipher road signs and more. All of it might seem overwhelming at first, but these are basics that you shouldn’t ignore.


Maintenance of Dunlop tyre along with the overall vehicle is important for smooth driving and smart learning. In fact, car maintenance basics allow the driver to learn more about technical aspects and to perform basic checks should the need be when something unexpected happens on the road.


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