How and why should you check a website’s traffic?

How and why should you check a website’s traffic?

In a pool of more than 2 billion websites on the internet, the only way to keep your website on the top ranking is by continuously checking traffic of not only your website but also of your competitors. Along with it naturally comes a very important question in the mind of, what you should exactly look for while analyzing your traffic? Let’s delve into the importance of why, what,  and how you should check your website efficiently:

Importance of analyzing website traffic

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” is rightly said, because you can only improve your website by measuring and analyzing the age group, geographical location, and gender of your audience. So, if you want to increase your blog engagement or get more ad partners getting your website traffic checked is the key in this regard. The next question arises, what you should look into when analyzing your website traffic?

Things to consider while checking your website traffic

Following things should be considered to improve the success of your website:

  1. Average of pages per visit checked by people
  2. Any unique or new group of audience attracted to your website
  3. If people are directed to your website through a search engine or due to any reference from social media platforms

Things to consider while checking your competitor’s website

Things are a bit complicated when you want to check the statistics of your competitor’s websites because you cannot log in to their data simply. Still checking the keywords due to which search engine is directing the audience to this website, and getting to know their most popular post can be helpful in this regard. The goal is not to copy their strategies but taking inspiration from them and creating better content for your website.

Tools to check website traffic

            With the increasing importance of website traffic statistics, the number of checker tools has also increased on the internet. But using an appropriate tool is very important for the success of your website. Some of the reliable tools are:

  • Google analytics
  • Alexa
  • Similarweb
  • Bitly
  • Piwik

Google Analytics is a free and very popular tool for many people due to its features and obviously due to the brand name “Google” present in it.

Alexa is also very helpful in the top ranking of websites and people consider its results very reliable. It has both free and paid features available to it.

Similarweb has come a long way since 2013, and it helps in analyzing more than 280M websites. It is totally free for basic features of statics analysis but the premium version can give more insight into keywords and SEO strategies.

Bitly can help assess your content performance in the past hour, week, or month.

Piwik is also a good platform, but it requires some patience to completely understand and use it properly.

To put it simply, dozens of methods are available to check website traffic. You can use a tool or can simply search on google with pepper keywords and can dig information about the website of your competitor too. All of this will ultimately result in better engagement and success of your website.

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