Here’s What to Know about Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses for Looking Fab and Glam

The iridescent disks have become quite hip in the fashion industry since 2017. After the wave of sequins two years ago, the shimmering legacy lasted for the long run. But, the trend of adorning them was not new. Even the history goes back ancient period when the gold sequins were seen sewn onto the Egyptian king’s garments. It is interesting to note how the similar sequins made their way to New Year’s party. Most importantly, the bridesmaids seem to embrace the sparkly element.

As a bridesmaid, it is your duty to carry out crucial roles. Now, when the bride herself looks ravishing in that gorgeous dress, how can you stay behind? A purple asymmetrical short dress or eye-blinding yellow dress is out of the question. Even the brides are soft on their bridesmaids because they want the wedding photos turned out to be oh-so-amazing. The hideous dress colors would do no good, in this context. As discussed earlier, the sequins are coming back with a bang. So, here’s you should know about sequined dresses before donning the glam outfit on your friend’s D-Day.

Looking back and Moving Forward

Before you move forward with your dress shopping, shimmery history is riveting. Yes, the disks were relevant in ancient Egyptian scene but the sketches discovered in Leonardo da Vinci’s notes. Gradually, in the 17th century, the sequins transformed into to modern embellished dresses with a little bit more of sparkle. In the 20th century, the components became very lightweight and finally got a significant acknowledgment in the fashion industry. With the course of time, the mainstream fashion sector changed. The use of sequin dresses has undergone a change, too. Currently, the craze of sequin bridesmaid dresses is not limited to the bridal gang. But, the brides are picking their favorites from the lot.

Be Careful Before You Wear it

The sequins are very sensitive elements. And if you have never worn it before, you may have a hard time to flaunt it. Yes, the sequined gowns are no less than a genius choice but it heavily depends on how you carry it. As the embellished fabric is quite different, don’t take your dress up lightly. But, keeping it light should be your mantra. Don’t get confused because you only have to keep things subtle. Without going over the top, concentrate on creating a chic contrast. And when you are choosing a little gold dress, adding a sparkling clutch is not a bad idea. A little bit of bling factor can maintain harmony and balance.

Styles to Choose from

Generally, the bridesmaids tend to go with long dresses. Now the sleeveless mermaid dresses with embellishments have been trending. But, if you want something which is a mix of cocktail and formal, go with a rose gold tulle dress featuring spaghetti straps. Or, the cap sleeve sequin dress is what you may sport on a special day.

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Author bio: James Taylor is a lifestyle blogger with several articles published on how to dress up with the burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Here, he mentions how sequin bridesmaid dresses can add glam quotient to your wardrobe.

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