Here are a list of reasons Why Can’t You Donate Blood during Pregnancy

There is a lot of query regarding the question that whether it is safe to donate plasma while pregnant? So the answer will unfortunately be a no. This is to protect the mother’s health and avoid causing stress to you and your baby’s circulation. And another point that a pregnant woman must remember is that Also, after you give birth you will need to wait another nine months from delivery date to allow your body enough time to replenish its stores of iron. There are also donation restrictions related to breastfeeding. This is a basic tips that is given to every pregnant woman for her safety as well as the child’s safety.

Here is a list of reasons WhyCan’t You Donate Blood during Pregnancy?

  1. So first point is that if you Are pregnant doctors will recommend you aim to build and maintain healthy iron levels to support the increased iron requirements of a pregnancy. And not donate blood because of plethora of reasons.
  2. Secondly also be aware of the fact that when you get pregnant, there are a lot of transitions which occur in your mind and body. You need to understand that now you have to be careful and take proper care of yourself and the new life developing inside you.
  3. It is a great task to donate blood to save lives of so many people. But during pregnancy you also need to think about the new life that is growing within you. And once you are pregnant, you need to take a break and wait till the baby is born and you regain your health before donating the blood next time.
  4. Although there is no proven reason why a pregnant woman cannot donate blood, it is advisable not to donate blood during pregnancy. The body produces at least fifty percent more blood during pregnancy as compared to the normal course of your life. In spite of this, you are not allowed to donate blood as you need all the blood to support your baby’s life inside your womb.
  5. Most importantly if you donate blood during this phase, then you will be putting your own and your baby’s well being under risk. Another reason is there is a high chance of being anemic during pregnancy if you donate blood. Anemia can further trigger off significant issues like pre mature delivery, low weight of the baby at birth, etc. so you must be very careful to even accidentally donated blood while pregnant because it is highly advisable that you do not do this.
  6. In fact, you are advised not to donate blood till the time you are breastfeeding your child. Generally, new mothers should wait for at least nine months post delivery to donate blood, but if you are continuing to breastfeed after this period, you need to wait until the time you cease breastfeeding.

You might love the fact that by donating blood you can save lives. But in this period the prior life that you must look after is your baby’s and your own self.

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