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Bearings are the mechanical components used to provide restricted motion between two machine elements. The bearings also reduce the frictional forces for smooth motion. There are many companies that develop bearings to be fitted in different machines.

Components of ball bearings

A bearing manufacturer has to take care of all the components needed for manufacturing ball bearings. There are many components needed to manufacture ball bearings and each component comes with its unique features.

Types of ball bearings

There are three types of ball bearings produced by a bearing manufacturer, which are steel, plastic, and ceramic. Each ball bearing has four parts, which include an outer race, an inner race, a cage, and balls. Let us see the features of different ball bearings.

Steel ball bearings

Steel ball bearings are developed with old technology but still, users trust them because they can be used in many designs. All the parts of these bearings are made up of steel. Different types of steels are used to develop a different component for its durability. Steel ball bearings are used in machines, which are capable to load heavy objects. With the help of steel ball bearings, machines can load weight of up to 30,000 pounds. There are some disadvantages also with these ball bearings. These disadvantages are as follows.

  • The steel ball bearings are noisy.
  • The weight of the bearings is high.
  • The durability depends on the type of steel used to make them.
  • They have no chemical resistance.
  • The maintenance cost is high, as they need to be lubricated at regular intervals.
  • Steel corrodes in the presence of moisture and water.
  • Magnetic properties of steel cause problems in the medical field.
  • There is a huge competition that leads to variation in prices.

Ceramic ball bearings

Ceramic ball bearings are known as hybrid ball bearings, as the outer race, inner race, and cage are made up of steel but the balls are made up of ceramic. The presence of ceramic balls helps the bearings to work fast in cool operating temperature. These ball bearings produce low noise and vibrations. Ceramic ball bearings are resistant to corrosion and are lightweight. These ball bearings can be easily used in electrical applications, as they are non-conductors of electric current. The ceramic ball bearings have the feature of working at 1800 degree Fahrenheit. The main disadvantage of these ball bearings is that they are expensive.

Plastic ball bearings

These ball bearings are new technology and are more advantageous than the steel and the ceramic ones. All the components are made up of plastic. The customer has the choice of having balls of plastic, glass, or stainless steel. The balls are chosen on the basis of the environment in which the ball bearings are to be used. Plastic balls are ideal for places where weight and noise need to be reduced. Glass balls can be used in such an environment where magnetic properties are not needed. Stainless steel balls are good for those environments where weight is needed.

bearing manufacturer melbourne
Bearing Manufacturer

These ball bearings can work in average and high-speed environments. The main feature of plastic ball bearings is that they are self-lubricating. Other features include no noise and resistance to corrosion. In spite of having many advantages, there are some disadvantages too. These balls cannot be used in such an environment where the temperature is 300 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Availability of ball bearings

All the manufacturers have different versions of ball bearings and each of them has different features. The customers can contact the bearing manufacturer and purchase the ones which are affordable and suitable for the environment in which it is to be used.


Thus, you can contact the bearing manufacturer and purchase the one that is available nearby. Thus, you can choose the right type of bearing from the bearing manufacturer that serve your purpose.

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