Geriatric Dental Care Includes Preventative Services

Geriatric dental care

The idea behind geriatric dentistry in nursing homes is to typically include routine preventive services such as dental cleanings, exams, and X-rays, as well as restorative services such as fillings, extractions, and denture fittings. However, the exact range of services provided may depend on the resources and capabilities of the particular nursing home or dental provider. Mobile dental care is a viable option for older adults who may have mobility issues or difficulty traveling to a traditional dental office. A mobile dentist typically has a fully equipped dental office on wheels and can provide a range of geriatric dental care services on-site at a nursing home or other location. Mobile dental care can also be an effective way to address dental needs for older adults who may have cognitive impairments or behavioral challenges that make it difficult to receive care in a traditional dental setting.

Procedures offered by mobile dental providers

Mobile dental providers can offer many of the same procedures as traditional dental offices, including cleanings, exams, X-rays, fillings, extractions, and denture fittings. However, the exact services offered may vary depending on the specific equipment and resources available on the mobile dental unit. Overall, mobile dental care can be an effective way to provide comprehensive dental care to older adults in nursing homes, and can help ensure that these individuals receive the dental services they need to maintain good oral health and quality of life. The service is designed to remove all the stress of visiting a dentist. Older people often find medical appointments stressful and the entire excursion can be taxing on a geriatric. A mobile dental service that comes to a nursing home is a wonderful and stress-free operation and the dentists and staff are kind, gentle and specialist in geriatric care. Find a nursing home that offers geriatric dentistry in nursing homes to make appointments easily.

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