Foam Mattress Thickness, Does It Really Matters? Which One Is The Best?

When it comes to the thickness of a mattress, it is no exception to have countless questions. You must be wondering- how thick mattress you should consider buying? What thickness of a memory foam mattress is considered to be the best? Is there any specific mattress height? Or, is a 6 inch foam mattress thick good enough?

Well, the answers to all these questions are not as forthright as you may have anticipated and they fundamentallyhinge on your explicit sleep requirements and preferences. Luckily, we have come up with a helpful guide in regards to the thickness of mattresses so that you are in the right position to decide which mattress firmness is the best choice for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the range of mattress thickness that you will find in the market.

2 inches

2 inch mattressis most of the times considered to the low height mattresses.This width is typically found in foldable beds, crib mattresses, and air mattresses. For most grown-ups, a mattress in this range of height would not be perfect. There are high chances that it would cause you to compromise when it comesto the comfort level while sleeping, specifically if youweigh more than an average person.

6 inches

The 6 inch foam mattress is considered to be the thin mattresses. These are basically made from different type foams for the reason that the foam is thick and supportive, even when there is no added thickness. Thin mattresses are great for individuals with restrictedmovement, kids, or individuals with short heightasit is quite easier for themto get into and out of the bed without struggling.

8 inches

8 inches mattress is considered to the normal mattress thickness. As per the estimates, it has been found that most sleepers will find it comfortable to fall asleep in this type of mattress. Interestingly, you will find that queen mattress and king mattress thickness usually falls in the 8 inches category. This range of thickness is often more reasonable than ranges of thick mattresses, thereby making inches mattresses more popular. It goes without saying that the material inside the bed, this range of mattress heightcan make a real difference in the level of comfort.

12 inches

12 inches mattress in height ismeasuredas a medium to thick mattresses. Most hybrid and latest foam mattresses typically come under this height range, thereby making this category of the mattress most popular among the general populace. This range of mattress may be a bit more costly but they are considered to be more durable, thus making the value and improved level of comfort well worth the extra cost.

In the bottom line

Whether you want to buy 12 inches or 6-inch foam mattress, the choice is all yours at the end of the day. Hope the above-mentioned information helps you decide the right thickness of the memory foam mattress when you will be buying a mattress next time.

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