Flaunt Your Style with Curtain Rods and Accessories


Curtains are always a versatile way of adorning a room. They are an essential fixture in any home that is capable of transforming the feel and look of a room. Now, for dressing up a room with curtains, you certainly need curtain rods. Draperies are suspended with the help of a rod in doors and windows. Pole and ring drapery style is a common window dressing when using rods. Modern day curtain rods are decorative elements available in different colors and shapes to match the drapery.

What kind of rod will fit your room style? Well, selecting the right rod depends on several factors like –

  • Curtain weight
  • Size of the curtain
  • Curtain type

Not only selection of the rods, but their placement is also very crucial, as it can change the entire look of a room. For instance, partially covering the window with curtains gives the room a traditional look. Using curtains beyond the window frame has a wider appeal since the whole window is revealed. You should know the width of your door or window for determining the length of your curtain rod.

For a standard look, make sure that the rod is placed beyond window’s width. Want to make your window look longer? Hang the curtains higher so that its fabric falls to the floor. Curtains are also a great alternative to blinds. Nowadays, you do not have to stick to straight rods only. There are a variety of  options, designs and styles are available. There are plastic, wooden and metal curtain rods.

Different Kinds of Curtain Accessories

Besides rods, there are wall brackets, curtain rings, add-on rods, window holdback, double bracket and various other types of curtain accessories you can use for decorating your room.

Wall brackets

This is a curtain hardware used for fixing the rod to the wall. Different shapes of brackets are available across the market that can decorate your room in the most elegant way.

Curtain rings

This makes curtain installation pretty easy. Pole and ring drapery is the most convenient style that makes the opening and closing of the window dressing very easy. Whatever curtain type you use, the rings can hold them in place. Eyelet curtains can be easily hung with rings.

Window holdback  

This accessory helps in tucking the curtain to give a simple and clean look. Holdbacks perform dual function – on one hand, they are a decorative item and on the other, they pull back curtains at daytime to let in light.

So, choose the curtain rod and accessories according to your style and preference.

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