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Finding the products your customers are demanding can sometimes be an easy task. Other times it becomes trying even when it’s quite clear what you’re looking for. A purchaser might experience complications due to demand-induced shortage, backorders or other short supply issues. Then again, sometimes even popular products carry a steep price and need to be sourced from specialty suppliers subject to regulation. One of these brand and product names you are liable to be very familiar with if you run a vape shop is Eleaf. A proven favorite among vapers, Eleaf has been a producer of some of the most solid mods for years. Though finding the precise products you need can be tough, there is a supplier that will not only make the sourcing of product easy, but keep the cost down and round out your inventory with all of the other necessities you need to carry. For Eleaf Wholesale, your best bet is to go with Kingdom Vapor.

Kingdom Vapor offers some of the most popular devices from Eleaf depending on the tastes of the vaper. One of their most popular offerings is the Eleaf iPower 80 watt mod. Equipped with an internal 5000mAh battery capable of Micro-USB charging, this mod offers impressive power and convenient charging capability. With variable wattage from 1 to 80 watts and compatibility with coils offering a range of resistance from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms, this mod is perfect for those who like to experiment with rebuildable atomizers and coils. Equally popular is the Eleaf iStick 40 watt basic package, ideal for beginners and those getting their bearings. Capable of up to 40 watts of output and 600 degrees in temperature control mode and with flawless controls. This is a mod that will give the vaper excellent control over their cloud production and the potency of their hits, even for the beginners. The Eleaf QC200 is a prime example of the power that Eleaf mods are capable of offering. With a powerful 5000mAh battery and up to 200 watts of available power, this mod brings extended battery life for longer and more enjoyable vaping experiences. This mod is great for atomizers that run heavy and can accommodate coils offering resistances from .05 to 3.5 ohms. Its battery even enables it to double as a power bank when used with an Avatar Reverse Charging Adapter.. Offerings like these and other models like the Eleaf iStick Pico Mega Mod, Pico Squeeze and Aster Mods round out their diverse portfolio of Eleaf wholesale products. Better yet, with coils like the Eleaf Melo III and the iJust S, you’ll be able to provide the replacement coils and parts that vapers need in order to keep vaping.

Though choosing Kingdom Vapor to set your shop up with its Eleaf wholesale needs will set you up for success, you will profit far beyond your needs for Eleaf products. That’s because you won’t just find mods and coils at Kingdom Vapor. You’ll find not only the devices but the e liquids and every other accessory you’ll need to complete your shop. From e liquids, nicotine salts and pod replacements to the wick, wire,, tanks, glass and batteries needed for specific builds, Kingdom Vapor has everything a vaper needs to create the luscious clouds we’re all after. Perhaps best of all is the fact that they don’t practice minimum order quantities, so the excellent price you see is the price you get, regardless of your ordering needs. With Kingdom Vapor as your primary wholesale provider, the reins are in your hands. So whether it’s Eleaf wholesale you need or other great names like Smok, Vandy Vape, or Aspire, you’ll find everything you need at

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