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Finalyzer Frees up considarable time from report preparation, and helps team focus their time on analysis and better decision making. Finalyzer provides rich interactive dashboards and reports covering KPI’s segment wise performance, alert, early warnings, trends, drill-downs, actual vs plan, P&L, BS, cash flows & consolidations accross entities.  BeyondSquare Finalyzer is a cloud based financial analysis, financial reporting, consolidation and forecasting tool providing interactive dashboards and customizable MIS reports for companies and accounting services firms. It supports integration with Tally, Quickbooks, Excel and other accounting/ERP systems. FinAlyzer provides actionable business insights that helps in effective decision making.

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Finalyzer is a financial consolidation and analysis software that helps companies improve their corporate financial performance. It is fast to implement, cost effective & easy to use. It effortlessly converts financial data to actionable insights.

Finalyzer is used to financial consolidation, analysis and reporting that simplify financial analysis through dashboards & management reports. It measure financial health and provide timely alerts, also gives exposure to key information like revenue, expenses, profit, cash reserves, sales, trends & projections.  BeyondSquare’s flagship product, FinAlyzer  acts as a catalyst for CFO  reporting in multi-entity organizations, covering integrated group  reporting, legal and  management consolidation & segment wise  profitability reporting. FinAlyzer effortlessly converts financial data to actionable insights with decision analytics, KPIs, insights, predictive forecasting and benchmarks.

Beyondsquare Finalyzer is a fast, cost-effective & easy to use tool that effortlessly consolidates & converts financial data to actionable insights.


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