EWCS has the Marine Battery Wire You Need

Wiring for marine applications has to meet much higher standards than wiring for terrestrial applications. Using the wrong wire on your boat can lead to failure and possibly serious injury. Using the proper Marine Battery Wire and heavier gauge marine wire can help prevent these issues. At Electric Wire and Cable Specialists (EWCS), we offer a wide selection of marine-grade cable that complies with the American Boat and Yacht Council’s (ABYC) standards for wiring your boat.

At EWCS, we are a US manufacturer of high quality wires and cables for all sorts of applications. We have been manufacturing cables for over 20 years. All of our US-made wire is manufactured withthe highest quality copper and insulation to achieve the best possible flexibility and conductivity.

There are several factors that differentiate marine cable’s from the type of wiring used in buildings and land vehicles. Boats experience near-constant rocking and vibrations while in the water, making it easy for cables to wear over time. Marine wires also need extra levels of protection against water exposure. Using copper of extremely high quality is crucial for marine cables. Pure copper can be drawn into extremely thin strands with higher tensile strength. This small copper strand diameter allows for an increased strand count and, consequently, a much stronger and more flexible cable. In order to add extra water resistance to our marine battery wires, the copper is tinned to control corrosion.

The wiring on boats is also different from home wiring because more of your devices will run off DC power. While a 12 volt DC circuit might seem like no big deal, the temptation to use the same wire as a home or car should be avoided. Forget everything you know about wiring if you are not already familiar with marine circuitry because the differences are extreme. While a smaller gauge of wire could handle most marine circuits on paper, you never want to use a wire gauge higher than 16. We offer marine-grade wire in 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 ,1/0, 2/0, and 4/0 AWG. For use as marine battery wire, gauges 8-4/0 should be used. The US Coast Guard publishes a handy reference chart to size your marine battery cables.

If you want your boat offers the conveniences of home, you will likely have to wire in AC systems. We carry jacketed two and three conductor marine grade cables for these kinds of AC systems. Our two-conductor wires are available in 10, 12, 14, and 16 AWG while our three conductor wires can be purchased in 10 and 12 AWG. The vinyl jacketing on our multi-conductor marine cables offers protection from gasoline, oil, water, salt water, and acids.

If you are looking to do some marine wiring, be sure to check the ABYC guidelines for safe practices and materials. The risks of improper marine wiring can be extreme, especially if that wiring is near your engine or any other flammable area of the boat. Fire or electric failure can leave you stranded or worse. Avoid serious issues by only using marine grade wiring on your boat.

The next time you need wiring for marine applications, don’t cut corners. We can help you find the wire you need. The team here at EWCS are here to offer our customers not only our amazing products but also our decades of experience working with electrical systems. With our manufacturer direct pricing, you can get an fantastic deal on our marine-grade wiring or any of our other wires and cables. Order today and we will ship your wires out fast from one of our many fulfillment centers across the country. For all your wiring needs, turn to EWCS.

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