Essential Qualities of an Architectural Aluminium System Designer

Aluminium as a material is one of the most effective modern solutions when it comes to serving as a major architectural element in modern homes. Architectural Aluminium systems encompass a large range of aluminium extrusions designed to serve as frames for various structures in any type of room, whether it’s a small trade outlet, a home or even a multi-storied building.  One of the major reasons why aluminium is preferred is its high environmental stability, which severely decreases the need for constant maintenance. (Information source:

Aluminium architectural systems range from curtain wall systems, partitions, entrance doors, skylights, translucent roof tops and other elements which form an integral part of modern architecture.

However, when selecting the proper suppliers, many people tend to overlook some basic factors that may help them to take that decision. Some of them are mentioned in brief below.

  • Design Expertise: The company chosen should have technically competent designers in their staff. They should know how to use the latest CAD technology to create innovative solutions to fit the needs of their clients.
  • Quality Assurance: For a consumer, he/she has to make sure that the company adheres to high standards of workmanship and quality.  In this case, quality indicates consistency, reliability and durability in terms of the product’s performance, service and materials used. They should also take steps to ensure the maximum risk reduction when designing such systems.
  • Multiple Markets: Companies which offer their clients multiple choices when it comes to the designed products are always a safe bet. Most reputed designing firms offer a range of products designed for new building or several refurbishment projects. They should have solutions for architectural, commercial and even public spaces.
  • Customer or Client Feedback: Another good way to ensure that the right choice is being taken is to conduct some independent research. Customer and past client feedback can shed light on many questions that one may have about the company in question.
  • Certifications: The designing firm or supplier should use only certified materials from licensed manufacturers. Aluminium products should be certified by several international regulatory bodies before being supplied to the public.
  • Using the Right Technology: Because of advanced technology, newer innovations in this field have seen massive improvements. The company should stock various designs of aluminium systems for their clients to choose from.  They should offer the maximum possible options when it comes to finishes, colours and aesthetic designs.

Considerations for the Product Chosen:

A client’s work isn’t finished after selecting an appropriate supplier. He/she should ensure that the product received is adhering to a particular standard.

  • Finish: The quality of the finish can determine the level of expertise or compliance that a designing firm or supplier possesses. Good companies use prime billets when manufacturing such windows. This is however not the case with other companies who use lower quality metals in order to cut costs. Clients should thus, ask questions pertaining to the quality of aluminium used.
  • Licensed Products: The manufacture of aluminium products is governed by various regulatory bodies who determine the quality of aluminium used on a commercial basis. Thus, any reputed supplier or designing firm would use the best quality aluminium available, in compliance with the existing industry standards. Failing to do so would increase the chances of receiving a below standard product which would ultimately not last long.
  • After Sales Service: A good designing firm would have a support staff available to address any queries or concerns one has after installation.

Aluminium has been a favoured material for use in the interior designing field for years now, and for good reason.  It is one of the most efficient materials when designing interiors for a modern home. However, since aluminium architectural systems are considered to be a long-term investment, the client should ensure that he/she is getting their money’s worth.

Following the above points would help one make a better-informed decision.  There are several such designing firms who focus solely on providing different components of aluminium architectural systems at affordable rates.

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